Tuesday, November 5, 2019

RE: Your Rewards Points are about to expire...

Your Rewards Points Expire Soon!
For every 250 points accumulated, $10 Corona Bucks (CB) will be rewarded. These Corona Bucks can be used toward any future purchase, or can be exchanged for special cigar merchandise.
Points can be accumulated to the maximum of 5000 points or $200 CB Corona Bucks. This is the maximum amount that can be used in a single transaction. Any additional points will roll over toward the next purchase.
Corona Bucks can be redeemed in increments of $10 CB / 250 points only, up to the max of $200 CB / 5000 points in a single transaction.
Corona Bucks can be used toward any cigar purchases, cigar merchandise or can be traded for special priced purchases. Corona Bucks cannot be used for tax payment, cannot be redeemed for gift certificates, beverages or cash, and may only be used by the loyalty card owner.
All unused points / Corona Bucks will expire on December 31st at 11:59PM EST annually, and will be lost. Any purchases made after December 31st will again accumulate points / Corona Bucks to use towards future purchases.
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