Friday, November 16, 2018

2018 Florida Sun Grown Fall Crop Update

Nobody said farming is easy! We had a little mishap with our Spring crop and have planted a Fall crop to make up for the mishap. Good thing is this tobacco is very sticky, heavy and oily with no holes.
After five years of planning, trials, successes and setbacks, hard work and dedication, we are humbled and blessed to able to share with you Florida Sun Grown cigars.
For nearly 175 years, Florida had a rich and storied history of growing some of the world's finest cigar tobacco. Florida was once the second largest producer of premium cigar tobacco in America. There were thousands of acres grown just north of Tallahassee in the towns of Quincy and Havana, Florida. In fact, the reason they named the town Havana, was so that unscrupulous tobacco brokers could label Florida grown tobacco bales as being grown in Havana and sell it at a premium to unsuspecting cigar factories all across America as the more expensive, imported tobacco from Havana, Cuba.

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