Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Opus 6 LE 2017 Sampler/Travel Humidor - New from Arturo Fuente!

Fuente Fuente Opus 6 (also available in Yellow) is an extremely limited-edition sampler and humidor combo that was made in commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of Fuente Fuente OpusX. These highly sought after lines of cigars come packaged in a limited-edition humidor that's been produced by Prometheus. This sampler includes:

1 Fuente Fuente OpusX BBMF
1 Fuente Fuente OpusX Tauros The Bull
1 Fuente Fuente OpusX Forbidden X 13 Belicoso
1 Fuente Fuente OpusX Forbidden X Toro Maduro
1 Angel’s Share Toro
1 Don Arturo Gran AniverXario Toro

Beautifully boxed in an elegant cedar humidor made by Prometheus, each box comes with a certificate of authenticity. Be sure to order your box today!

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