Friday, June 9, 2017

500 Corona Rewards Points = FREE Corona Ashtray!

We have updated our Rewards Program for 500 Points! You now have the option to choose from 3 of our Exclusive Ashtrays to get for FREE when you cash in your points (must have at least 500).

Choose from:

Corona Cigar Ceramic Ashtray - Black500PCASHTRAYB

Corona Cigar Ceramic Ashtray - White500PCASHTRAYW

Corona Cigar Stink Ashtray - Chrome500PCASHTRAYS

*Items must be in your cart when you checkout in order to receive discount 
*Enter specific promo code at checkout to get your item free (under 'Loyalty')
*Offer valid only if you have 500 or more Corona Rewards Points 
*Limit one ashtray per customer 

CLICK HERE for more info on our Exclusive Rewards Program!

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