Thursday, February 16, 2017

Macanudo MANIA - Save up to 63% on Macanudo Legacy!

Macanudo cigars are hand made in the Dominican Republic with carefully chosen filler tobaccos from Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, the binder is from Mexico and the cafe wrapper is a twice aged Connecticut shade-grown leaf. This blend creates a smooth, mellow taste that is consistent year after year. Try the Macanudo Legacy Crystal Cafe for 53% Off or the Baron De Rothschild Cigars for 63% Off Today!

Strength: Mild
Wrapper: Connecticut
Origin: Dominican Republic

Presenting Macanudo Legacy Crü Royale, a noble addition to the Macanudo dynasty. Bearing the hallmark attributes of meticulous construction, exceptional smoothness, and consistency that perpetuate Macanudo’s reign as the best-selling premium cigar brand, Macanudo Crü Royale is a regal collection that will debut with a quartet of frontmarks.

Crü Royale is the result of masterful blending by the legendary Benji Menendez who guided his team of cigar masters including Francisco Rodriguez, general manager of General Cigar Dominicana.

Dressed in Ecuadoran Habano and bound with a proprietary Dominican “La Vega Especial” leaf, Macanudo Crü Royale is the result of masterful blending by the legendary Benji Menendez. The Dominican and Nicaraguan viso leaves mingle with Brazilian Mata Fina to invoke an aromatic smoke that opens with complex flavor and rewards the smoker with a long, clean finish.

Strength: Medium
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Origin: Dominican Republic

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