Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Closeout Deals on Edgar Hoill & OSOK - 40% off + FREE SHIPPING!

Potent, yet well-balanced and never overdone, Edgar Hoill presents this first class and full-bodied cigars from Nicaragua available in three uniquely constructed sizes. Edgar Hoill Cigars have a rich abundance of natural oils and are ruggedly styled with a dark and fiery Habano wrapper surround a expertly executed blend of premium tobaccos where earthiness meets peppery all coming together for an ultimately rugged smoke. The flavors are cleverly balanced offering oak and black pepper with a mildly sweet cedar and a subtle hint of coffee within the traditional tobacco. While their individual bands and boxes may be distinctly different in appearance, each boasts an excellent burn and draw. Each box was specially designed for Corona Cigar Company and is a one of a kind work-of-art from the master artisan Edgar Hoill, himself.
Strength: Full
Wrapper: Habano
Origin: Nicaragua
OSOK Cigars are made in Nicaragua at an undisclosed factory. OSOK or One Shot One Kill is made for CLE and shares an association with Edgar Hoill. These cigars are rich and flavorful and offer a wealth of premium tobacco. The entire line of OSOK cigars are rolled by one man, who with precision creates the various sizes, including the much sought after lancero and the difficult tapered perfecto. With a total production run of 30,000 cigars, these limited edition cigars are rare and hard to find. A total of 1,000 boxes per size has been released for worldwide distribution making these a must own cigar.
Strength: Full
Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Origin: Honduras

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