Monday, January 30, 2017

New Arrivals from Caldwell & My Father - Anastasia & Flor de Las Antillas Maduro

Caldwell Cigars has joined together with Ernesto Perez-Carrillo from EPC Cigar Co. to create the Anastasia Cigar. This project is a follow up to The Last Tsar. Similiar to The Last Tsar, Anastasia depicts a certain character from history on the band. The Last Tsar had Nicholas II, who was The Last Tsar of Russia, on the band and now Anastasia comes with some interesting as well; Princess Anastasia. Princess Anastasia is the long lost daughter of Nicholas II and so it's fitting that this would be their follow up project. Available in two sizes: Kartel (5" x 49) and Opera (6" x 52), these beautiful smokes come hand-rolled from the Dominican Republic from Perez-Carrillo's Tabacalera La Alianza S.A. There are a limited amount of boxes available so you won't want to wait long for these long lost cigars.

Strength: Medium to Full
Wrapper(s): Unknown
Origin: Dominican Republic
Taste the amazing flavors of a classic Cuban-style cigar when you experience these Flor de Las Antillas Maduro Cigars. Blended with the mouth-watering aromas of white pepper, cocoa, leather, and rich chocolate, these handmade cigars feature an aged Nicaraguan binder wrapped in an oily Equador Habano leaf and enhanced with hints of earth, almonds, espresso and wood. These incredible cigars give off a medium to full-bodied taste that excites the senses and creates a rich, flavorful experience.
Produced by the famous Garcia family, well-known Nicaraguan cigar makers, the Flor de Las Antillas Maduro Cigars are premium cigars that provide an incredible taste experience. Using traditional cigar-making techniques created by Cuban manufacturers, these amazing cigars feature a smooth, dark wrapper with Nicaraguan long-fillers that provide a pleasurable experience from start to finish. When you're ready to enjoy a cigar that is made by world renowned cigar makers, try the Flor de Las Antillas Maduro for a truly incredible experience.

Strength: Medium to Full
Wrapper: Maduro
Origin: Nicaragua

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