Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Price Drop on Avo Classic Covers!

Avo Limited Edition Cigars are a specialty small batch hand made cigars. They are made every year to celebrate Avo's birthday. Limited to as few as ten thousand cigars each year, the Avo Limited Edition Cigars are well balanced and unique in flavor. Medium to Full-bodied, these Avo Limited Editions are extremely hard to find and adored by cigar lovers, all over the world. An elaborate blend of Dominican tobaccos will entice you with a wide range of flavors. Copious aromas of smoke and spices are found throughout helping to produce a legendary cigar.

Avo Classic Covers 2015 Limited Edition Cigars

Avo Classic Covers Volume 2 Limited Edition Cigars

Avo 90th Classic Covers Volume 3 Limited Edition Cigars

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