Thursday, October 27, 2016

Ortega Wild Bunch boxes are 30% OFF & you get a FREE Corona Cigar Co. Cutter with your purchase!

The Ortega Wild Bunch Cigars are a collection of different blends of cigars. These blends are released every month beginning in 2013 and feature premium long leaf filler tobacco. This fine collection of cigars is based on Eddie Ortega's friends and colleagues that he has come to know over the years in the cigar industry. Each blend features the likeness and alias of one of his tobacco colleagues. They come in limited-editions of 500 boxes per blend. All of the Ortega Wild Bunch Cigars use different size cigars and come in beautifully lacquered boxes of 20 and are made in the My Father Cigar factory in Esteli, Nicaragua.

For a LIMITED TIME - you get an additional 20% OFF all boxes and a FREE cigar cutter!

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