Tuesday, September 27, 2016

New Addition To The Humidor: Particulares - FREE Shipping with Box Purchase!

Look what JUST came in - Particulares Cigars! Going back to the "classic" look, these cigars come in a beautiful masterpiece of a box. You also get FREE shipping with any box purchase of Particulares!

Experience a vintage cigar that features bold and enticing aromas when you try a Particulares Cigar. Designed for those who know a good cigar when they taste it, real cigar aficionados who know the history of great cigar makers will appreciate the historic blend of tobaccos in this unique cigar.

The Particulares has its historic beginnings in 1896 Cuba and is made from a puro blend of 100% Nicaraguan tobaccos that are wrapped up in a shade-grown Corojo wrapper. The Particulares cigar starts off by introducing a rich hickory taste that is immediately pleasing to the senses. The first puffs would remind you of a Padilla or Illusione style cigar with a grilled meat and a touch of sweetness like a maple-syrup.

The cigar flavor soon changes to a milder, sweeter tone with fruity notes and the sensation of a mild brandy flavoring. The Particulares finishes off with a spicier, yet still sweet tasting flavor and leaves you with a crisp, clean aftertaste. The Particulares Cigar comes in packages of 20 cigars in a Cubanesque dress box.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Welcome in Fall with a FREE Ashtray from Camacho

Camacho describes the inspiration for this bold, new cigar as the performance associated with a classic V-twin engine. That is a truly epic bar for power, which the Camacho Powerband easily meets, and even exceeds. Bold, full bodied, and complex, this cigar accelerates to full speed quickly and then never lets off the gas.

Wrapped in an Ecuadorian Habano 2000 with a Mexican San Adres Negrito binder, the Powerband proudly combines the best from multiple countries. In fact, it doesn't stop there. The filler is composed of Nicaraguan, Dominican, and Honduran ligero. We pride ourselves on recognizing the top quality products when it comes to cigars, and by mixing and matching, Camacho has found a way to combine the very best into something that is truly better than its parts.

What kind of flavors can you expect from this surprising combination? According to our taste buds, there was chili peppers, spices, and roasted nuts, blended to be both sharp and sweet at the same time. And, living up to its inspiration, that sweet spot of maximum flavor lasted for almost the entire length of the cigar.

This is the type of cigar you want to celebrate. Whether you have just gotten a promotion at work or your team won the championships, keep a box around to share with good friends on a good day.

For a limited time, you get a FREE Camacho Powerband Ashtray with any Powerband box purchase! Hurry up...this deal won't last long!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Price Drop! Save Today on RyJ Havoc Magnum!

Introducing the all new Romeo y Julieta Havoc Magnum. Breaking from tradition, Romeo y Julieta has developed this new series to showcase its ability to cater to a different demographic partial to unconventional sizes and wrappers. Whereas most RyJ’s are Dominican, the Havoc consists of a mix of Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos all inside of a Habano wrapper.

The Havoc is a medium bodied cigar and very smooth. Unlit, it has a sweet aroma. After lighting, the complexity evolves from slight notes of cedar to a creamy taste and texture with a bit of spice through the roll. Overall this cigar has a unique flavor that is both intriguing and delicious.

Strength: Medium
Wrapper: Habano
Origin: Honduras

We've decided to DROP THE PRICE on this box! You now save 47% and you also get FREE SHIPPING! Order yours today!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Davidoff Exclusive Tampa Edition Cigars Ship FREE!


To commemorate the opening of the Davidoff of Geneva since 1911 Tampa location, Davidoff Cigars created the Exclusive Edition Tampa; a collaboration between Davidoff Cigars and Jeff Borysiewicz.
The Davidoff Exclusive Tampa is unique and distinctive as the city of Tampa itself, honoring the rich history of Cigar City. This unique blend is truly symbolic of Davidoff’s mission to fill your time beautifully; delighting and surprising aficionados by crafting exceptional cigars and creating unrivalled cigar experiences. This Exclusive Edition Tampa takes that experience to a higher and more personal level. Like all Davidoff cigars, the Exclusive Edition Tampa is exceptionally crafted, with a slightly different profile. It is a milder, creamier cigar that is just a touch softer on the palate...something approachable for folks just entering in the world of cigars or for those who are looking for milder, pleasing smoke. It comes in a 6 x 52 ring gauge Belicoso format, presented in a hand selected and beautifully constructed Connecticut Ecuador Rojiza wrapper surrounding only the best Dominican binder and filler.

The cigars are presented in custom designed boxes that artfully depict the beautiful Tampa skyline. The Davidoff Exclusive Tampa is only available at Davidoff of Tampa and Corona Cigar Company, and produced in limited quantities, so be sure to order yours today.

Davidoff Exclusive Tampa Edition Cigar Boxes ship FREE!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Save Up To 67% Off On Villiger

Villiger Cigars are a well-known brand around the world and has continued to produce top quality cigars since its establishment in 1888. Jean Villiger founded the company in Switzerland in the very small town of Pfeffikon where it is still headquarted at today. These flavorful and complex cigars offer a unique experience with each cigar and fit any special occasion. Whether you enjoy the new Villiger Talanga Selecto with its mild taste that pairs well with a coffee in the morning or you choose to go with the box pressed Villiger Export for a quick smoke with hints nuttiness; Villiger has what you're looking for.

For a limited time, you can save up to 67% on Villiger Talanga Cigars OR save 42% on Villiger 125th Anniversary Cigars. Don't wait on this deal; it won't last long!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

FSG Cigars Are BACK IN STOCK & Boxes Ship FREE!

After five years of planning, trials, successes and setbacks, hard work and dedication, we are humbled and blessed to able to share with you Florida Sun Grown Cigars.

For nearly 175 years, Florida had a rich and storied history of growing some of the world's finest cigar tobacco. Florida was once the second largest producer of premium cigar tobacco in America. There were thousands of acres grown just north of Tallahassee in the towns of Quincy and Havana, Florida. In fact, the reason they named the town Havana, was so that unscrupulous tobacco brokers could label Florida grown tobacco bales as being grown in Havana and sell it at a premium to unsuspecting cigar factories all across America as the more expensive, imported tobacco from Havana, Cuba.

In the 1890's, Cuba was fighting for their independence from Spain. To escape the war and the blockade on Havana harbor, some Cuban tobacco growers established large tobacco farms in Fort Mead, Florida so they could continue to supply American cigar factories with tobacco. With Florida having a very similar climate, altitude and close proximity to Cuba, their tobacco farms thrived.
Unfortunately, due to the invention of the cigarette and the gradual decline in cigar consumption, the resulting closure of thousands of American cigar factories, the invention of homogenized tobacco wrappers, the high cost of American labor and the low cost of foreign labor, it was no longer economically feasible for Florida's farmers to grown cigar tobacco. For the next 70 years, the cigar industry continued to get smaller each year and as a result, the last crop of Florida cigar tobacco was grown in 1977 on a farm in Gadsen County, Florida.

As a proud American, I believed it was possible to bring cigar tobacco farming back to Florida, on a small-scale, limited production way. As a cigar retailer, I believed consumers would be willing to pay a little more for a cigars that contained genuine Florida grown cigar tobacco, as long as the tobacco was unique, distinctive, flavorful and of the highest quality. Fortunately, our Florida Sun Grown tobacco has all those qualities and more.

So in 2012, Corona Cigar Company purchased a 20 acre plot of farm land 30 miles west of Orlando, in the town of Clermont, Florida. We began clearing the land, prepping the the soil, constructing our unique tobacco curing barn, installing irrigation and purchasing equipment.

In 2013 we planted our first test crop of Cuban seed Corojo tobacco not knowing what the results would be. History as well as science told us that we could successfully grow cigar tobacco in Florida and fortunately, our test crop proved that with nature alone, we could grow good tobacco. With proper funding, research, modern agriscience combined with time honored, proven methods of cultivation, and a lot of hard work and a dedicated team, we could grow GREAT tobacco.
Since that first test crop we have grown six successful crops to date. Each year we continue to improve as we make adjustments to adapt to our unique growing environment. Our hard working, all-American farm team understand what it takes to make a premium cigar. They take take pride in growing the finest tobacco leaves and they know, years later, their tobacco will bear the Florida Sun Grown name on world class cigars.

FSG by Drew Estate cigars are hand crafted in small batches at Drew Estate's Gran Fabrica in Esteli, Nicaragua.

The Florida Sun Grown line was blended by Drew Estate Master Blender Willy Herrera over the course of the past two years, during which Drew Estate has been fermenting and processing the new Sun Grown tobaccos. When asked about the new tobacco, Willy stated that, “it was a unique challenge working with the Florida Sun Grown tobacco. It was something completely new to me, and it took me numerous blends to figure out how to incorporate it into a blend I really loved. The final blend we’ve come up with is one I’m extremely excited about, and I can’t wait to see what everyone thinks of this special new tobacco.

FSG by Drew Estate cigars have a three country blend of tobacco. The long filler has authentic Florida Sun Grown Corojo '99 ligero tobacco from our 2014 crop combined with seco and viso tobaccos from Nicaragua. The Habano binder is from Honduras and the cigar is finished off with a lush Arapiraca Maduro wrapper from Brazil.

Also offered in limited quantities is the FSG Limited Edition Trunk-Pressed Toro (6 x 54) with an MSRP of $150/10ct box. This limited edition size features its own unique blend, which utilizes a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, Mexican binder, and Florida Sun Grown filler tobacco, along with fillers from Nicaragua and Honduras.

It has been nearly forty years since any cigars were made with Florida tobacco. We are extremely happy to be able to bring back one of America's finest tobaccos and reintroduce the unique flavor of Florida tobacco to cigar aficionados world wide. We hope you enjoy these special cigars as much as we do.

All FSG Cigars are BACK IN STOCK so grab a box today and shipping is FREE!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

NEW! Arrival from Warped - Maestro del Tiempo - Save 10% Today

The new line of "Master of Time" cigars from Warped are sure to live up to their name. These Nicaraguan Maestro del Tiempo smokes have just been released and the initial reviews are good. These cigars are made from 100% Nicaraguan Criolla '98 and Corojo '99 tobacco with Jalapa Corojo '99 Clara wrappers. Reviewers have reported a creamy cedar-like taste with sweet honey-like notes and hints of spices like nutmeg.

The tobacco used in these new cigars all comes from farms under the Aganorsa umbrella. These farms all use carefully-controlled growing techniques that yield a special taste and superb quality. Maestro del Tiempo are available in 25-count boxes in two sizes, a lonsdale called "5205" and a Petite Gran Robusto called "5712". There's also a very limited edition release vitola called "6102R".

Order a box today and SAVE 10% on this new addition to the premium Warped Cigar line!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Which side of the Mason Dixon Line Are You On?

“A Yankee can become an honorary Southerner, but a Southerner cannot become a Yankee, assuming any Southerner would want to.”
How to Speak Southern, Bantam Books
Whether you are a southern gentleman or a staid northerner, the Crowned Heads cigar company has you covered with its limited edition Mason Dixon Project cigars. Crowned Heads is an artisanal, small batch manufacturer of premium cigars. Their Mason Dixon Project limited edition cigars, offer only 25,000 of the Northern and 25,000 of their Southern editions.
The Northern Edition of the Mason Dixon Project Cigar is a medium to full bodied cigar. The Ecuador Habano wrapped long filler cigar offers both sweetness and spice. The cigar starts out with a peppery spice then adds notes of a plummy sweetness, all overlayed with an earthy taste of hay.
The Southern Edition of the Mason Dixon Project Cigar is also a medium to full bodied cigar. The Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper envelops an excellent long-leaf blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos. The rich flavor profile includes hints of spice, pepper, chocolate, coffee, leather, and cedar.
Crowned Heads is a premium cigar company dedicated to creating cigars of artisanal quality that are defined by a combination of excellent flavor, balance, and consistency. Both the Northern and Southern Editions of the Mason Dixon Line project are made for Crowned Heads by My Father Cigars in Nicaragua. Please contact Corona Cigar Co., we will help you choose the cigars that best suit your style and taste.