Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Best 3 Ways to Save in the New Year When Buying Cigars Online

Do your friends consider you a fiscal conservative? Is it your habit to squeeze George Washington so tight that he pops his powdered wig? If so, rejoice in the knowledge that you can buy cigars online in the year ahead and still keep your balance sheet in line. If you want to know how, lean in and our cigar buyers will share their sweetest secrets of them all:

1.) Steals, Deals, Rewards and Specials
Start by signing up for our Corona Cigar Company Rewards Program, Cigars of the Month Club and e-mail newsletter. They’ll help you take advantage of upcoming steals, deals and specials. Plus, you may just win smoking hot prizes and receive exclusive discounts on your cigar orders. Prizes will vary throughout the year. However, they may include free cigars, apparel, ashtrays, accessories and cutters.

2.) Cigar Seconds, Over Runs and Throw Outs
If that isn’t cost-effective enough for you, try rummaging through our cigar seconds, over runs and factory throw outs too. They are often priced below fair market value and you’ll likely find some of your favorite brands. For example, it is not unusual to save more than 30% on Easy Five cigars, Private Stock or Rocky Patels. Of course inventory is limited and the brands rotate accordingly. So it’s best to swing by our online cigar store and peruse the category offerings at least once a week.

3.) Clearance Cigars
While you are at it, check out our clearance cigars category as well. Sometimes you may get lucky and find top brands of cigars at buy one, get one prices. The list of top-notch brands that end up on clearance from time to time includes, but isn’t restricted to Don Lino, Gurkha, Excalibur, Sencillo, Winston Churchill, Fonseca and Cubanos. Oh, and if there aren’t any BOGO offers available don’t worry. You’ll likely find cigars selling for 60% to 75% percent off regular retail prices. To learn more of these budget saving tips and other ways to feed a cigar habit without going broke, please contact us today.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Gift Ideas for the Cigar Smoker in Your Life

As Americans gear up to shake their jingle bells and get shopping, many will be turning their attention towards the discriminating smokers in their lives. Thankfully, it won’t be hard to buy for them this year with so many wonderful gifts on sale at online Corona Cigar Co. Here’s a look at six items that are expected to be red hot:

Cigar Gift Sets

Cigar gift sets are first on our list of perfect presents for discriminating smokers. In our experience, they always make putting the best gifts under the tree easy for cigar aficionados and novices alike. So we’re predicting cigar gift sets that include traveling cases or ashtrays are going to be disappearing as quickly as smoke on the water.

Cigar Samplers or Limited Editions

Next up are cigar samplers and limited editions. Like cigar gift sets, they help take the frustration out of choosing the ideal offerings for every man and woman who believes that variety is the key to a good smoke. Select samples that focus on one manufacturer or sets that include options from around the world. Either way, we’re sure that your brother and sisters of the leaf with thank you for it.

Cigar Accessories

If you want to keep your gifts down to stocking stuffer size, peruse online stores’ collections of various cigar accessories. After all, what self respecting cigar smoker would turn away a new cutter, lighter or case? The list of other accessories that are sure to please includes smoke odor exterminator candles, sprays and super strong breath mints.

Cigar Humidors

For those discriminating smokers that hold a place closest to your heart, consider going all in for cigar humidors and humidor accessories. The humidors that you’re likely to find in stock between now and the end of the year typically come in four major categories. They’re small, medium, large and travel size. But don’t let the title “travel size” fool you. It’s not unusual for some humidors in that category to hold up to 80 different, premium cigars.

Cigar Apparel

In our experience, cigar apparel tends to really light up a smoker’s face too. This is especially the case if the apparel is paired with matching cigars. For instance, you could pair a Corona Cigar Company hat and t-shirt with a Corona Party of 4 Sampler or Corona Gold Series single.

Cigar Store Gift Cards

Lastly, we know that many shoppers will be reaching for gift cards that their loved ones may utilize to find their own perfect gifts at our online cigar store. Right now, they come in your choice of four different denominations. To learn more about them and the other fantastic items on our cigar store’s gift list, please contact us today.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Corona Cigar Company Is Your Passport to the Ultimate Cigar Experience!

Passing through the aroma of a fresh lit cigar elicits images of the lively Cuban cantina, late summer nights dancing on the hotel patio in Argentina, a glass of local port and hours of the most delicious conversation on a sidewalk café
in Santiago. A cigar is more than an elegant way to smoke, it is the experience nonpareil. But how can you get the full bodied experience of the best cigar without a passport?

At Corona Cigar, our cigar stores are your passport to experiencing cigars like never before.

The Corona Cigar Stores in Florida boast the largest selection in the country. With over 2 million cigars in stock there we are sure to have exactly what you are looking for. We carry cigars from over a dozen different countries in thousands of different brands. And for the aficionado who wants the real deal, we have a selection of vintage pre-embargo Cuban cigars.

No phony sales pitches here, at this cigar lounge we want you to enjoy every minute. The minute you walk through the door you are whisked away to exotic locations with Latin music, Central American decor, authentic Nicaraguan furniture and that familiar, romantic aroma...

Camaraderie is essential to enjoying the finest cigars. A "gentlemen's night" is complete with vintage port and wine selections, great cigars and the best conversation. A cigar lounge is a social destination where you can relax and imbibe the joie de vivre. And don't forget the chance to rub shoulders with some of the most famous names in cigars - from Rocky Patel, Jonathan Drew, Marvin Samel, Steve Saka, Christian Eiroa, Nick Perdomo Jr., Don Pepin, Eric & Bobby Newman, and more.

To get the latest news on upcoming events at our cigar lounges, and the best deals on your favorite cigars, contact us today!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cigar Samplers: Match the Perfect Cigar With the Perfect Drink

Three of the most popular reasons for purchasing cigar samplers are:

1. You are a new cigar smoker, and want to find what you like.

2. As a gift for a cigar smoker.

3. You are a cigar smoker who wants to try something new, but you are not sure what.
If those are the only reasons you buy cigar samplers, you are forgetting the best reason. A tasting party with your cigar aficionado friends is an enjoyable and relaxing way to spend an evening. Tasting party? Yes, a tasting party. With a variety of cigars and drinks you try new flavors, looking for that perfect match between cigars and drinks to bring out just the right flavor of both.

Easy choices for a match to cigars are cognac, a whiskey or bourbon/scotch, rum, and port. They are traditional and safe, but they are just a starting point. Don’t just think of alcoholic beverages either, many non-alcoholic beverages match well with cigars also. A good non-alcoholic drink with a wide range of choices to choose from is coffee. Whether your choice is an espresso, cappuccino, or a simple dark roast many coffees are a good match for cigars.

So, how do you choose a good pairing? Trust your taste buds; it is what the experts do. Master cigar makers and whiskey distillers trust their eyes, nose, and their taste buds when looking for the perfect ingredients for cigars and whiskies. You can do the same, experiment and try different drinks with your favorite Corona; and don’t forget the non-alcoholic drinks too.

Does a perfect match of cigar and drink exist? Yes it does, but it is different for each person. Some combinations can even bring out flavors not apparent in the drink or the cigar alone. Here are some simple guide lines to help you find your way.
When experimenting with a new combination try keeping mild cigars with mild drinks, medium with medium, and full bodied with full bodied. This keeps a strong cigar from over powering a mild or medium drink and vice versa.

With rum a rule of thumb that will help in your experimentation is match the color of the rum with the color of the cigar wrapper. Light wrapper with light colored rum and darker colored wrappers with darker rums usually work well.

With beer try to stick with hops beers to start, matches can be found with wheat and other beers. But, the bitterness of hops plays well with a good cigar. And don’t forget bottled beer either. A Heineken with a Corona Padron is a good match.

For non-alcoholic drinks, try coffee, tea, juice, soft drinks (yes colas and even root beer), and water. Do not under estimate the power of water to bring out the full flavor of your cigar.
Have your friends over for a tasting. Our cigar samplers are perfect for an evening of trying different cigars with different drinks. Here’s to your perfect match.

Contact us to begin the journey to your perfect match.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cigars - A Celebration Smoke

There is nothing like passing around the cigars to demonstrate that a celebration is taking place.
Throughout history, cigars have been right there along with cake, champagne, balloons and music, helping to enhance, usher in, emphasize and enjoy the memorable moments in peoples' lives.

When a bundle of joy is welcomed by a family, Dads offer their pals an "its a boy/girl" cigar.  This custom is not only an announcement of the addition to the family, but also a proclamation of the joy of the event.

It is not uncommon to see brides and grooms and their buddies lighting up cigars at a wedding reception.  It is almost like a ritual smoke. We have done it!  We are moving on to adulthood and we are bonding with the enjoyment of a good cigar and its lovely smell.

Maybe it is in our DNA.  It is believed that natives of the Island of Hispaniola (now the Dominican Republic) passed along the use of tobacco to Christopher Columbus and crew.  It was reported to be widely used across the Caribbean Islands in those times and smoked in the form of a primitive-style cigar.  One can imagine that the cigars were used to welcome the Europeans.  The natives of that region were sharing a pleasure with the rest of the world, and most likely cigar smoking was a part of a shared meal and perhaps even symbolized the offer of peace, new friendships and new bonds. Cigar smoking spread throughout Europe and the evolution of the cigar as a means of celebration certainly must of taken hold throughout the world after that.

New job, a promotion, holidays, of course, Columbus Day...they all deserve a celebration smoke!  It's for fun; it's bonding with friends; it's tradition and flavor.

For information, contact us

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Cigar Lifestyle Resurgence

You remember the scene from old cartoons and movies, an expectant father paces in the waiting room, a nurse bursts through the door and announces the baby has been born, and the father jubilantly passes cigars out to excited friends and family who shake his hand and pat his back enthusiastically. There's a reason that passing cigars out to friends is linked closely to celebrations and major accomplishments. Cigars are an affordable luxury, a pleasure that can be enjoyed alone but are even better with great company.

Throughout many generations a cigar has represented power, affluence, sexuality and even intellect. The act of smoking cigars has had increases and declines in popularity through the years, and now we are seeing an increase in cigar smoking and the culture and lifestyle that surrounds it. Groups of cigar smokers have been able to find each other online and form smoking clubs that have led to amazing cigar shops, clubs and bars.
A recent Fox News Radio story, "Smoking A Cigar Is Not Just An Act; It's a Lifestyle," talks about the joy of cigar smoking, which is celebrated in society today without all the uppity refinement of a few decades ago. Vip Jaswall introduces his interview with Rocky Patel, saying,
"Choosing a cigar is a very sensual experience. From the color of the leaves, to the natural oils that are emanated, to the width and length desired, to the touch and feel in your fingers and finally to the taste of the smoke. Rocky takes appreciation of cigars from a wistful smoke to becoming a talking point worthy of one’s intellect."
When you're looking for cigars to enjoy alone or with friends, for a big celebration or just because, please contact us, we carry Rocky Patel cigars as well as a wide selection of your favorite brands.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Humidors: Getting the Most Out of Your Investment

If you want to keep your cigars at their optimal freshness then you will want to invest in a quality humidor. A humidor is an special box or a room designed to store and age cigars. To ensure accurate moisture, the humidity level should range between 70 to 75%. If your cigars become to dry, they can be prone to cracking and shrinking.
The beauty of every humidor is reflected from the inside out. Most interior linings are made from either Spanish or American cedar. Some use Honduran mahogany.
Spanish cedar is a member of the Mahogany family that is imported from Brazil and other countries of Central and South America. It is often  preferred because of the unique spicy aroma that acts as a repellent against tobacco worms. Furthermore, it has a high capacity for moisture absorption which helps prevent mold.
American cedar has a high resistance to decay and a low resin secretion. If you are a cigar novice this may be a good choice because of its economic value.
Honduran mahogany has the same humidity qualities as Spanish cedar however, is not as fragrant. Over time the scent of the cigar can overtake the wood, making the lining prone to tobacco worms. Like American cedar it is also quite affordable.

Humidor Classification
A Walk-in is commonly used by cigar bars or stores. It is usually a room that is either built or converted to be used as a humidor.
Cabinet humidors are usually stored on the floor like a piece of furniture. The humidor's beauty will often accentuate the room, giving it a touch of elegance. On average they can hold 1000-5000.
Table humidors are usually kept in a central location because they are often quite heavy. They come in a variety of materials such as leather, marble, glass or traditional wood. The capacity ranges from approximately three hundred to several thousand.
Personal humidors are small and may be used by those who are semi-regular smokers. They can often be kept for personal storage or displayed on special occasions. The capacity ranges between 20-75.
Travel humidors may be enjoyed by both the novice and aficionado smoker. The capacity is usually between 2-10.
A well built humidor will increase its asset value by maintaining the freshness of your cigars.  Whether simple or extravagant, the materials used is a matter of personal preference. Choose the humidor that fits your lifestyle and indulge in your investment.
For more information about our product please contact us

Friday, October 24, 2014

Tips to Enjoy a Cigar Like a Pro

We all start at the beginning with everything new we do in life. Enjoying a finely crafted cigar for the first time is no different. So, with that in mind, we've put together a few tips on the proper etiquette for cigar smoking so you can enjoy the experience without looking like a novice.

Choose the Right Cigar
If you're new to cigar smoking and you're offered a selection of cigars, it's wise to choose a milder, longer, fatter cigar. Most new cigar smokers make the mistake of choosing a shorter, thinner cigar. The problem with this choice is that short, thin cigars produce a hotter, more intense smoke. When smoking your first cigar, take it slow. It will be much smoother and will make for a more pleasant experience.  One puff every minute or so should keep it lit and ensure it does not burn too hot.

Remove the Cellophane
Need we say more…unless you like the smell and taste of burnt plastic?

Leave the Band On
This is mostly a matter of choice. However, trying to remove the band right off the bat may destroy the cigar, causing it to unravel. Although some cigar smokers remove the band for collecting, it's best to leave it until later. This will not only keep the cigar from unraveling during the smoke, but also show others that you have good taste in what you smoke. You can always remove the band towards the end of the smoke. The heat produced from the ember should loosen the adhesive of the band, making it easier to remove.

Cutting Your Cigar
Trying to smoke a cigar without cutting just makes you look like an amateur. Although you've probably seen guys bite the end off of their cigar before lighting it, it's not the best way to go about it. First, if you bite the end off your cigar you may bite too deep and destroy the wrapper, causing it to unravel. Second, biting the end off leaves a ragged end and you will get a mouth full of tobacco.  However, this is not necessarily a bad thing as some people like to chew on their cigars before and during the smoke. Finally, cutting the cigar lets others know you have a bit of class and style. Using a guillotine cigar cutter or cigar punch gets the best results without cutting too deep.

Cigar Lighting
Nothing will destroy the flavor of a cigar quicker than using the wrong lighter. Most cigar aficionados will agree that using a Zippo style lighter will fill the cigar with the taste of lighter fluid. If you must use a lighter, it's best to use a butane torch or soft flame lighter. However, most long-time cigar smokers refuse to use anything but wooden matches or a cedar stick from the box. They claim that using cardboard matches, or anything else, imparts a distasteful flavor that lasts throughout the cigar.

Don't Inhale
Cigar smoking isn't like smoking a cigarette. Cigar smoking is more of a relaxing social hobby in the company of others. A cigar is enjoyed slowly; like sipping a fine wine, not chugged like a cold beer on a hot day. For those reasons among others, cigar smokers don't inhale. Not only is inhaling bad form and ill-advised, it may make you look a bit foolish and give you a case of the “green-gills”. Nothing screams amateur like choking, gagging and wheezing from the thick smoke filling your lungs.

It's About the Taste
Cigars are about taste, they are not about the nicotine. In fact, talking about the taste of a good cigar is the most common way groups of cigar smokers bond with each other. Even if you are new to cigar smoking, most will appreciate your take on the brand being smoked. You can speak to them about how the cigar tastes when first lit and how the flavor changes as you smoke. You can also talk about the way it reacts on your palette and how it burns. Attention to details, such as these, will let others know you are one of them, and can appreciate a finely made cigar as much as they do.

When You're Done, Set It Down
Finally, when you're finished enjoying your cigar, simply let it go out in the ashtray. It's not proper etiquette to snuff a cigar like a cigarette. Since premium cigars maintain a certain humidity level (at least the good ones do), they don't stay lit unless puffed. Furthermore, cigars are not usually saved to relight later. Not only does it look a bit tacky to pull half a cigar out of your pocket, but they don't taste nearly as good.

Whether you're a novice cigar smoker or a seasoned veteran, following these rules for etiquette are of the utmost importance. Cigar smoking is something that is savored, enjoyed and shared with others.
To talk more about cigar smoking etiquette or any other cigar-related topic, please contact us. We are more than happy to help out fellow cigar smokers, anytime.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cigar Samplers When You Don't Know the Boss's Brand

Winter holidays are coming and it's that season when we all wonder what to get the boss. You know the boss loves a great cigar and you know the boss is picky about cigars. So, it's a gamble - make points by getting one of the favorite cigars, or not by getting something else the boss throws away later?

Why not give the boss cigar samplers? This says you know a great cigar is important to your boss, and it also says you know your boss likes more than one type of cigar. It says a lot that you know your boss's likes and dislikes, it shows you pay attention.

You can get a sampler that includes cigars from one blend, or you can get a sampler such as the Sweet 16 sampler that includes two cigars from 8 great blends. There are many samplers to choose from, and you don't have to choose on your own. We'd love to help you choose the best sampler so you score those points with your boss.

Before you contact us to get the perfect cigar sampler for your boss, we want to give you some advice on timing.

If you are going to purchase the cigars more than a week before you give them as a present, we'd suggest you also purchase a Humidipak. The Humidipak isn't expensive and it will keep the cigars from drying out before you give them as a present. Including the Humidipak will also help your boss who might want to keep the cigars at the office for a few weeks.

Ready to make those points with a cigar sampler holiday present? Just contact us  and we will make it easy for you!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Winston Churchill was the most famous cigar smoker in history

Winston Churchill, the great British statesman who led his country during the darkest days of World cigars. According to his profile in Cigar Aficionado, he discovered the joys of cigars while visiting Cuba as a war correspondent in 1895, covering the rebellion against Spanish rule. Thereafter he would consume between eight and ten cigars a day, though he would often allow them to burn out so that he could chew on them. He has an entire room at his home at Chartwell in which he regularly kept between 2,000 and 4,000 cigars at one time.
War II, was rarely without his favorite

As with most cigar fanciers, he preferred Cubans. He typically smoked Romeo y Julieta cigars as well as La Aroma de Cuba. He often smoked his cigars with a glass of brandy, combining two pleasures at once. He made certain that he was never far from his favorite cigars or deprived of them for very long. On one occasion, during a high altitude air flight, Churchill had a special oxygen mask devised so that he could continue happily puffing away in an unpressurized cabin at 15.000 feet.

On another occasion, when attending a luncheon with King Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia, Churchill was informed that neither smoking nor drinking was allowed in the royal presence because of the king’s Muslim beliefs. Churchill duly informed the king that smoking and drinking were as sacred a rite for him, and the abstinence of the same was for His Majesty. Ibn Saud graciously accepted the point.

Churchill has been associated with cigars perhaps more than any other celebrity in history. Few photographs exist of the British statesman that do not include a cigar between his teeth or smoldering between his fingers. So great is the association that his name adorns a number of cigar brands.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Best Made, Classiest Cigar Lighters Available, Hands-Down

Few people like to go shopping alone. So why should you go it alone when it comes to shopping for the best made, classiest cigar lighters made?  Sit back, because we've taken the time to evaluate them all, and found the best made lighters for the novice as well as the most discriminating, experienced cigar smokers. However, these aren't just any lighters; these are works of art with the classiest look and feel you'll find, hands-down.

It doesn't matter if you're shopping for yourself or looking for a gift for your favorite cigar smoker, chances are, quality is of utmost concern to you. If you're an experienced cigar smoker and unfamiliar with the name S.T. Dupont, we're a bit surprised. The company has been around making cigar lighters and other smoking accessories for over 130 years and are still going strong to this day.
If you haven't had a chance to check them out before, S.T. Dupont lighters are made from only the finest materials and with a true dedication to craftsmanship. The quality and style has been so revered they've been copied by many that produce knock-offs practically since the day they started the company back in 1872. However, nobody has ever been able to come close to duplicating the finely crafted works of art they produce.

From a first glance you may think these are just like all lighters. Once you get into the details and see these lighters up close, you'll understand that they are much more. They are meant to be cherished for a lifetime and even passed from one generation to another. They are so elegant and stylized that even if they are given to someone who doesn't smoke, they'll be displayed alongside other family heirlooms for decades.

We know that cigar smokers have a taste for the better things in life and that includes everything right down to the smallest details. That's why we focus on things that others may overlook. We invite you to check out our selection of S.T. Dupont cigar lighters. We believe you'll also see the distinction between these and other lighters on the market right away.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Limited Edition Cigars for Limited Edition Moments

Most cigar smokers love the familiarity and the comfort that a quality name brand cigar can provide when on the golf course or just relaxing on the screened porch with family and friends. But sometimes the moment just calls for something more. Special occasions call for special enjoyment. If you are a true cigar aficionado, then you may need limited edition cigars to accompany the limited edition moments that can happen in life. Consider these palatable pleasures for when a baby is born, a bachelor party is happening, or if golf and cigars is your combination, then maybe it's witnessing a hole in one that is good enough reason to celebrate. 

When looking for cigars to represent those limited edition moments, consider these possibilities:
  • Padron 1964 Anniversary Limited Edition Maduro - Consistently ranked by cigar aficionados around the world as one of the best, this smoke offers the smooth yet complex flavor most knowledgeable smokers are looking for. Enjoy this supreme experience the way one savors a great single malt scotch. Better yet for a true indulgence, try them both together with a wise amount of moderation of course.

  • Avo 2013 Limited Edition "The Dominant 13th" - Thirteen wonderful cigars pleasantly packaged with a flash drive of some of Avo's best jazz scores. A master of both jazz and cigars, Avo decided to package them together to give you a taste and a listen of the two things he is a true master at.
  • Davidoff Royal - Just like there's a difference between good food and gourmet food, the Davidoff Royal Cigars are truly meant to be savored by the discerning and sophisticated cigar aficionado only. These cigars do sell at a premium price, but if you are looking for that once in a lifetime type of smoke with full body and a hint of creaminess to it, then this should be a consideration for your very special occasion cigar of choice.

The above list is just a few of the countless number of splendid cigars available online at Corona Cigar Company. Many more limited edition cigars are available, but exponentially more extraordinary standard cigars are also available for purchase. Please visit our website today for more information, and we're sure you will agree that we are simply the best online cigar store for premium quality and name brand, cigars, humidors, and cigar accessories.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

How Jack Nicholson Came to Smoke Cigars

Jack Nicholson, the famous actor, known for his roles in “Easy Rider” and “Chinatown,” is also an avid cigar smoker, according to his profile in Cigar Aficionado. He became a regular cigar smoker rather late in life, in the early 1990s. He took up the habit, he says, to help wean himself off of the bad habit of cigarette smoking.

He explained that he had smoked cigars on and off starting when he played a cigar smoking character in “The Last Detail.” But he was primarily a cigarette smoker since he was a kid, though he did manage to quit for about ten years in the 1960s.

Nicholson had an epiphany when he took up golfing and found himself to be so nervous during a game that he was smoking half a pack each round. In order to cut down, he decided to light up a cigar at about the fifth hole. He found that smoking cigars calmed him just as effectively as did cigarettes.

Nicholson admits to liking good Cuban cigars, which he was able to get when he was filming “The Last Detail” in Canada. While he does not encourage smuggling Cuban cigars into the United States, where they are still illegal due to the embargo, he expressed support for lifting the embargo in order to give cigar smokers a break. And he will still puff on a good Cuban while out of the country. In the meantime he is said to favor Romeo y Julietas, Cohiba robustos and especially Montecristos while in the United States.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Sometimes, Single Cigars Are Better!

Are you looking to enjoy a quality cigar but can’t justify buying a bundle or sampler pack? At the Corona Cigar Co. we offer you the perfect solution. Our single cigars give you the freedom to explore something new without breaking the bank.

Vast Variety
Whether you are looking for something unique or unable to find your favorite cigar Corona specializes in hundreds of brands. This not only makes your cigar experience more enjoyable but ensures that there is something for everyone. The in-depth storehouse consisting of over 2500 different products means you can find the perfect cigar for you.

Top Name Brand Cigars at Affordable Prices
We are not your everyday cigar company and our online store reflects our belief in offering you the finest quality products. Our brands cover a range of mild to medium to full body cigars; all at various prices to suit your budget. When it comes to affordability you’re the boss.

The Perfect Gift
Our single cigars make the perfect gift for the aficionado in your life. A great way to celebrate a birthday, new job or retirement you can create a unique gift with that special person in mind. We don’t want to brag but because of our wide selection we understand if you feel overwhelmed. Our gift cards are a great option, eliminating the headache of you having to choose. With our single cigars any time can be turned into something special. When you experience our cigars we want you to feel as if each one was selected and hand rolled just for you.

Variety, affordability and quality selection, Corona Cigar Co. has it all.  Now choosing one of our single cigars is easier than ever and the best part is you can have fun exploring while still keeping some money in the bank.

For more information on our product please visit Corona Cigar Co.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cigar Samplers - Tips for the Novice

What comes to mind when you hear the word cigar? Perhaps having an air of being elite, sophisticated or chic. The concept of smoking a cigar has always been associated with having a particular lifestyle and can now be enjoyed by those who want to have the ultimate cigar experience.
If you are a novice and not sure where to start, Corona’s cigar samplers are a perfect fit for your smoking preference. Each sampler displays the exquisite quality of flavors from around the world. They come in a wide variety to choose from and are rolled from the finest tobacco leaves, providing the perfect aroma and balance.
Cigar 101
To get the most out of your smoking experience here are a few things to take into consideration. First selecting the perfect cigar depends on personal preference. The body of a cigar can range from mild to medium to full. Each will display the strength of its smoke when "puffed". While the overall strength of the cigar should be stimulating it should never be overwhelming to the palate.
Next consider the size which ranges from a five inch to a seven inch. For example a five inch might be recommended after lunch where as a seven inch might be preferred while chatting with friends. In either case you should never rush through your cigar experience.
Golden Choice
If you are still unsure which cigar is the right one for you consider the CAO Gold which is found in the CAO Variety 5 Pack. This particular cigar is recommended for beginners because of its classic cigar blend and creamy smoke. It is perfect for both the novice and connoisseur alike. There are also other sampler packs that are just as pleasurable such as the Corona Flavors Sampler, Lucky Seven and Sweet Macbeth just to name a few. Whichever cigar sampler you choose sit back, relax and take the time to enjoy the ultimate cigar experience.
For more information about our cigars please visit us at Corona Cigar Co.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Growth in the Number of Female Cigar Smokers

Cigar smoking has always been considered a manly recreation. Great alpha males of past and present, ranging from Rush Limbaugh to Bill Clinton, not to mention John F. Kennedy and Winston Churchill, are all known to have enjoyed a good cigar to take the edge off of the burdens of greatness. But there are a number of famous women who have also enjoyed cigars.

George Sand, the 19th Century French writer who scandalized Paris for decades by dressing as a man, also enjoyed cigars on social occasions. Marlene Dietrich also smoked cigars, most famously on screen as a mysterious gypsy in the film “A Touch of Evil” that also starred Charlton Heston and Orson Welles.

More recently a number of women celebrities have taken up cigars. Actress, comedian, and social commentator Whoopi Goldberg is known to enjoy a good Cohiba from time to time, though she tends toward smaller cigars. Jennifer Lopez also likes a fine cigar, as do Sharon Stone, Demi Moore, Salma Hayek, Heidi Klum, and Carman Electra.

The Washington Times reports that roughly two percent of American women smoke cigars, as opposed to nine percent of men. That represents explosive growth in the female cigar smoker market from the 1980s when it was estimated that women made up just one-tenth of one percent of the total U.S. cigar market.

Why the growth of the number of female cigar smokers? Some suggests that the sight of an attractive woman with a cigar between her fingers is oddly sexy; Dietrich certainly proved that. But it is also empowering. Cigar smoking represents power and dominance, which may make it attractive for women who view it as an identity enhancement as much as they do a recreation.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Cigar Humidors - Choosing Your First One
Chances are you have already experienced your first time with a cigar. You might even have become a cigar smoking pro. At the very least, you know how to smoke one in public without looking like a complete beginner.

You probably know then, that cigars need to be stored properly in a humidor. Humidors are essential for keeping your cigars enjoyable.

Having a humidor in your home means you can keep your cigars in their best condition. They will retain the same top-notch quality as when you purchase them fresh from a local tobacconist. For someone who has never purchased a humidor before, the process of buying one can be intimidating.

If you want to spend a small fortune on a humidor, it will not be hard to find one that is high quality.

If you are on a more modest budget, here are some tips for finding the right humidor for your home:

Do You Need One?

If your collection is still small, you might not need a humidor just yet. Once you are storing more than a few cigars in your home, it is time to start looking at your options.

How Big?

A box of cigars holds about 25 cigars, so figure out how many you intend to buy at one time and that should tell you the size you need. Buy a humidor a little bigger than what you estimate to ensure you have flexibility without wasting space.

Now that you are a becoming an accomplished cigar smoker, it is probably time for you to start looking at humidors. Your collection is an investment and needs to be cared for properly. You are sophisticated and so are your tastes, so store your precious cigars in style.

For more information on humidors, visit us at Corona Cigar Co. today.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

7 Perfect Gift Ideas for the Cigar Lover in Your Life

People who enjoy cigars typically enjoy the ritual of lighting and smoking as much as they enjoy the taste. Smoking a cigar is relaxing and satisfying -- the perfect way to lift the spirits after a difficult day or celebrate the successes of life. Part of this ritual includes the accessories cigar smokers need to enjoy the moment, including lighters, cases, and ashtrays. Here is a list of excellent gift ideas your cigar aficionado is sure to appreciate.

1. Cigar Samplers
Cigar sample packs are the ideal way to taste a few new cigars without spending too much money. If your cigar lover enjoys a particular brand more than most, consider a sampler pack from his favorite line. For the more adventurous smoker, try a sample pack of exotic cigars that are hard to find in your hometown or are a limited edition. Cigar smokers also sometimes enjoy a pack of cigarillos, which are smaller versions of cigars, closer in size to a cigarette, but with a cigar taste.

2. Gift Sets
Similar to samplers are gift sets, which come in beautiful gift boxes or humidors. Gift sets are sometimes a safer bet if you aren't a cigar aficionado yourself and aren't familiar with what's "good." Most gift sets are packaged attractively and feature popular cigar selections that are sure to be a hit with your more discriminating friend. Flavored cigars are also popular as gifts, such as cherry, vanilla, or mocha.

3. Humidors
Cigars must be kept in optimal conditions until smoked to retain their unique taste and aroma. Even if your friend already has multiple humidors, many aficionados prefer to separate brands in their own humidors to protect the flavor from intermingling with other flavors. Consider a travel humidor so your cigar loving friend can enjoy his cigars on vacation or during business trips.

4. Cigar Lighters
Lighting cigars is different from lighting cigarettes, and cigarette lighters found in convenience stores won't do for smoking a cigar. Most cigar lovers prefer a torch lighter, which has a more substantial flame for lighting bulkier cigars. Double flame lighters are popular with cigar smokers, as well. Though looks are important, never choose form over function. A great looking cigar lighter that doesn't work well won't offer your friend the right amount of enjoyment. Find one with a convenient yet attractive design.

5. Cigar Ashtrays
Another difference between smoking cigarettes and cigars is the type of ashtray needed. Most standard ashtrays are designed with slots to perch a cigarette, which isn't nearly large enough to hold a cigar. Buy an ashtray specifically designed for cigar smokers.

6. Cigar Cutters
Like lighters and humidors, avid cigar smokers can't have too many cutters. Cigar cutters vary in style from elegant polished silver to simple yet practical stainless steel. Choose the cutter according to your cigar lover's personal style. For example, an elaborate silver cutter that comes in a gift box is perfect for your office worker, but the outdoorsy smoker might prefer a durable chrome cutter.

7. Odor Eliminators
If your cigar smoker's family doesn't enjoy the smell, there are a variety of products available to help make his smoking experience more pleasant for him and for them. Candles and sprays are available to help remove the smoke smell from the air. These come in a variety of luscious scents, including a scent-free odor eliminator.
If you can't decide what to get, consider a gift card. A gift card from a reputable cigar dealer is personal, because it shows you know and care about your cigar lover. But it gives him or her the freedom to select something they've had their eye on for awhile but haven't had the chance to try out yet.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Why Do You Need to Try New Cigars? Here's Some Real Good Reasons

Why do you need to try new cigars? Well, that's a pretty good question. Trying new things in life can sometimes be a bit scary. However, you'll also find that these new things we try can contain the "spice of life" that we all, deep-down, crave. Luckily, we've got a few pretty good answers why you should stretch your limits and give a few new cigars a try.
  • Self-Discovery: We all like to discover new things about ourselves and our friends. If you discover a new cigar that has just the right flavor and aroma that you know a friend will like, it's only right to pass it on. You never know; it could be the one cigar your friend will savor for a lifetime, and have you to thank for it.
  • Be the Authority: Having more experiences in life will make you a well rounded person. Should you already have experience with a cigar that's new to others; it automatically makes you the authority on them in their eyes. That authority is transferred by osmosis, so who knows what they'll consult with you on next time.
  • More Confidence: Face it, confidence is sexy in both men and women. Sometimes a persons confidence level is the only thing standing between them and what they desire. Developing the courage to try new things is sure to give you the confidence and self-assurance you need to boost your successes in all areas of your life. Boldly smoking a new cigar, is one way to advertise your self-confidence.
  • Reduce Boredom: You've heard people say they're "bored to death." Well, it's been anecdotally proven that boredom may well take years off your life. So, adding the thrill of trying a new cigar is bound to enhance your life, as well as add a little excitement. 
Albert Einstein said “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” If you enjoy smoking premium cigars, chances are pretty slim that you'll run across any you feel was a mistake. If you'd like to "spice up" your palette, your social standing and your life, we suggest trying new cigars, just for the kicks you'll get trying something new. You'll probably find a new favorite in the process and pass it on to a friend, who will enjoy it for a lifetime.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Former President Bill Clinton Enjoys Gurkha His Majesty Reserve, the Rolls Royce of Cigars!

Former President Bill Clinton raised some eyebrows when was reported in the media that he enjoys Gurkha cigars, manufactured by a Dominican Republic company, whose premium product, His Majesty’s Reserve , can fetch up to $1,000 per cigar. A box of these cigars can put one back $25,000. Only 100 boxes of HMR Gurkhas are made per year.There are a number of Gurkha brands that are somewhat less pricy, however, many of them for in the range of $13 a cigar.

Buy Gurkha Cigars OnlineThe company was founded in 1887 and was inspired by the custom of British soldiers in Indian of hand rolling their own cigars. The Gurkhas are a warrior people residing in the country of Nepal, north of India, who still provide troops for both the British and Indian Armies. They are renowned for their ferocity in battle and the use of the heavy bladed kukri knife.

The Gurkha Cigar Company is famous for its expensive, limited edition cigars that are hand rolled with exotic tobacco and soaked in Louis XII cognac. Their great expense and high quality have made them a favorite of politicians and Hollywood celebrities.

Clinton is well known for enjoying of fine cigars, having enjoyed the less expensive Gurkha Grand Reserve Churchill during his presidency. But now that he is out of the White House and is making a considerable amount of money on speaking engagements and what not, he is now able to step up to what has been called the “Rolls Royce of cigars.”

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

History Series: Padron Cigars
When you hear the name Padron, it congers up thoughts of great memories; sitting around with the guys at the local smoke shop swapping stories and smoking one of the many cigars that Padron has to offer. While the Padron we know today has only been around since the mid 1960's, their story starts much earlier.

Demaso Padrón, Jose Orlando Padrón's grandfather, immigrated to Cuba in the mid 1800's from Spain. As a young boy, Demaso worked in the tobacco fields to make a living. The wages were quite minimal with the elder Padron only earning pennies a day for his back-breaking work. It's here that the Padron Cigar story really begins. Demaso Padron began to grow his knowledge of tobacco. He also managed to save every penny he earned, outside of what he needed for food and clothing. Eventually, the Padron family purchased their very first tobacco farm from their meager savings, in the Pinar del Río region of Cuba, Las Obas. As their farm began to produce high quality tobacco, the market demand grew, and they bought several more farms in the surrounding areas. One particular farm was in an area called, Piloto. It's from this farm that Jose took his company name from: Piloto Cigars.

As the Padron factories and farms grew, so did the family. Jose Orlando Padrón was born in 1926 in the Pinar del Rio region of Cuba. As a boy, Jose began to learn all the various aspects of tobacco farming. As he grew, so did his knowledge, and eventually Jose was running the family farms and factories. Then one fateful day in 1961, Jose and his family found their farms taken over and nationalized by Fidel Castro. Jose fled Cuba and headed for Spain. From Spain, Jose made his move and headed for the U.S, where he ended up in Miami.

Once in Miami, Jose took a job working for the government helping Cuban refugees. For this he was paid $60 a month. Shortly after, a friend of Jose's gave him a hammer and he began to work as a carpenter. After months of work, Jose was able to save $600, which was just enough to launch his cigar business. Jose hired a torcedor, who rolled cigars for Jose in the traditional Cuban style. With this one employee, Jose was able to make two hundred cigars per day and began to supply the locals with premium hand-rolled cigars.

Eventually, Jose became friends with a business man who had a factory and farm in Nicaragua. He asked Jose to come to Nicaragua to inspect his tobacco for quality. Soon after, Jose traveled to Nicaragua and he was so impressed with their tobacco that he started to exclusively use it in his cigars. However, due to the inability of the farm being able to supply him with the amounts of tobacco he needed, Jose decided to move his operation to Estli, Nicaragua in 1970.

The late 60's and 70's were a turbulent time in Nicaragua. Political unrest was rampant and riots and violence was the norm. The Padron factory became a casualty of the unrest and was burnt to the ground. Determined, Jose found a new location and rebuilt his factory in Nicaragua, and built a second one in Honduras. With this accomplished, Jose thought his troubles were behind him. Although, the 1980's U.S embargo on Nicaragua brought new troubles for Jose. He found himself scrambling to export all his warehoused product to Tampa, before the embargo took place. While the embargo was in place, Jose sold cigars from his stockpile and then returned to Nicaragua and resumed operations, after the embargo was lifted.

Today, the brand Padron Cigars is recognized as one of the premier names in cigars. Jose Orlando Padrón and his son, Jorge Padrón, run the Padron cigar business. Jorge currently serves as the company’s president and is taking the steps to move in as the Director of the Padron family business. Their farms in Nicaragua continue to grow and produce some of the finest tobacco available. Their rolling and storage facilities cover more than 75,000 square feet of space, and they store enough tobacco to make 25 million cigars. They export more than four million cigars per year, and truly are recognized as the standard in the premium cigar world.