Thursday, October 10, 2013

Rocky Patel Royale Sumatra

Today, we are looking at the Rocky Patel Royale. Known for being one of the hottest cigar brands on the market, Rocky Patel Cigars continues to amaze us by producing outstanding cigars year after year. I'm smoking the Toro box pressed size for this review. Let's check it out together...

The cigar has a sweet tone, along with nice hints of coffee. The sumatra wrapper is dark with a slight oily leather finish. After a quick check, there are no soft spots found in the cigar. The wrapper is an Ecuadorian Sumatra, the binder is Nicaraguan, and the fillers are triple ligero from Nicaragua. The wrapper is securely rolled, as the seams are very hard to see. A Cuban style touch is added with the triple cap completing a very nice looking cigar.

Characteristics and Flavors:
Lighting up, it's evident that a substantial amount of Ligero leaf tobacco has been used. The start of the cigar is marked with rich earth and coffee notes; hints of pepper are in the background. Large wafts of smoke are easily produced, thanks to the smooth airy draw. The flavors are not harsh in anyway; actually, they are very refined. While I'm not a particular fan of the box pressed shape, I have to say the cigar feels fairly comfortable in the mouth. The ash forming on the foot is a dark gray with splotches of black showing through. Overall, it's been an excellent start to the cigar.

Entering the second third of the cigar, hints of caramel start to emerge. The RP Royale has consistently remained very smooth. With the vast amounts of Ligero used, I wouldn’t expect such a smooth flavor profile. Whether this has to do with the type of Ligero or any fermenting, I'm not sure. Normally, I would expect a very spicy and peppery backbone, but so far the flavors are very mild to medium-bodied with just touches of both coming through. The core remains with an earth and coffee backbone. The ash is holding strong at four inches.

The final third features a stronger earthy tone. Dry walnuts are found with the coffee notes remaining. The strength picks up some, giving off a medium-bodied overtone. The burn has been perfect, after the initial light, I haven’t had to touch the cigar at all. Also, the draw has been spot on. It's airy, light, and pleasant to smoke.

Final thoughts:
This is another great cigar from Rocky Patel. It's very consistent, has a great flavor profile, and is of excellent quality. The Royale would work well as an afternoon smoke, or if you prefer, an after dinner cigar. It doesn’t knock you off your feet, but it gives you some strength with an excellent flavor.

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  1. Smoking one of the little Rocky Patel Royale with a cup of dark roast something I roasted up the other day...not bad, a bit too acidic...BUT I love these little cigars though!
    Cuban Cigars Best