Friday, September 13, 2013

History Series: Gurkha Cigars

The Start
The year was 1988, Kaizad Hansotia was on vacation in Goa, India. Little known to him at the time, that vacation would change his life forever. Kaizad was working in the watch industry and often bought cigars to give as gifts, for his corporate clients.  While on vacation, Kaizad stumbled across some Portuguese cigar merchants, selling cigars on the street. Kiazad stopped to buy a few as gifts. As one thing led to another, Mr. Hansotia was invited to have drinks with them. Before the night was over, he had bought the struggling cigar brand known as, Gurkha Cigars for one hundred forty-three dollars cash. This included everything from the cigar stock, to the naming rights.
A Legend Is Born
Being a cigar novice, Kaizad's first step was to study the cigar industry and try to figure a way to bring the struggling brand to fruition. After studying the industry for months, Kaizad found one particular area that the cigar industry had not yet gone: high end cigars. At the time, the most expensive cigar brand on the market was, Davidoff that sold for around eight dollars a cigar. Naturally seeing this opening, Kaizad saw a potential opening for Gurkha Cigars and began exploring the possibilities of introducing a super premium cigar line to the cigar industry. Within a year, Kaizad introduced the first small batch premium cigar line that sold for $12.
As all true ground breaking innovators do, Kaizad received ridicule from those in the industry for releasing such an expensive cigar. But as history has proven, he was well ahead of the curve. He then began producing cigar lines in the fourteen-plus dollar range, which single handedly created a new segment to the cigar industry. As he began gaining a foothold, he started releasing additional lines of luxurious premium tobacco that was never before seen in the industry. Not long after his breakthrough, Kaizad created the world's most expensive cigar at the time,  His Majesty’s Reserve. This cigar sold for a staggering $15,000 per box. The cigar is expertly infused with an entire bottle of  Louis XIII Cognac and is produced in as little numbers as one hundred boxes per year.
Another area Kaizad saw lacking in the industry was packaging and presentation. Typical cigars back in the late 80's and early 90's, came in cheap boxes with very little presentation. He set out to change that. He began designing highly crafted cigar boxes and humidors to place his cigars in. In addition, he upped the ante by using a premium cigar band with quality paper and an eye pleasing logo. This was something that was really not being done at the time.
Fast forward to today, and the Gurkha Cigar Co. has stood the ups and downs of the cigar industry. The cigar boom of the mid 1990's came and went, and Gurkha Cigars came out of it stronger then ever. They stand alone at the top of a vast array of cigar brands on the market. Kaizad has pushed the boundaries of what some thought, could never be accomplished, by producing cigar lines that sell for one hundred and fifty thousand dollars plus. Typically, these are purchased by CEO's of fortune five hundred companies, Kings, Princes, and royalty. Additionally, Gurkha Cigars through the years has added cigar lines at all price points, making premium, small batch cigars available to cigar connoisseurs worldwide.
With a commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and a burning desire to bring his love of cigars to all those who appreciate the finer things in life, Kaizad Hansotia has revolutionized the cigar industry forever.

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