Friday, September 20, 2013

History Series: Alec Bradley Cigars

The Early Years:
Alec Bradley Cigars are known today as one of the premier cigar brands in the industry. Although, that wasn't always the case. The company's founder, Alan Rubin was born in Florida  in 1961, to a business minded father who ran a hardware import company. Naturally, Alan's younger years were spent around his father and the business, that is where Alan began to learn the ins and outs of importing and sales. With natural tendencies and a business mind, Alan joined his father in the business in an official capacity right out of college. With Alan's help, his father changed the focus from cabinet hardware, to marketing hurricane clips for the  booming market that Florida offered. The timing was impeccable. In the wake of Hurricane Andrew (1992) the market for hurricane fasteners was booming. The move proved to be a valuable one and the company grew substantially. In 1996, at the peak of it's growth, Alan and his father decided it was time to sell the company.

The Beginning:
With Alan’s part of the proceeds from the sale, he decided to enter the cigar industry. The early and mid 1990's was a huge cigar boom in the U.S and he hoped to ride that wave to establish his new company in the industry. In 1996, he attended the RTDA show (Retail Tobacco Dealers of America) today known as the (International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers Association) It's here that Alan found a cigar manufacturer and inked a deal to make his first cigar line. He named his business after his two children: Alec Bradley Cigars was born. Alan’s' original line was called, "Bogey's Stogies" and was marketed to golf courses and was sold through golf pro shops. With high production costs and the end of the cigar boom, Bogey's Stogies was all but doomed to failure. By 1999, Alan found himself with tens of thousands of dollars of debt and a rapidly depleting number of cigar smoking golfers.

A New Beginning:
In 2000, Alan decided to take his business in a new direction. Knowing he needed help, he hired Ralph Montero, a long time industry professional who knew the ins and outs of the industry. The move to hire Ralph proved to be a valuable one. Both agreed they needed to move the focus from the pro golf shops, to brick and mortar cigar shops. A new course was charted and Alan scrapped together enough money from his past business venture to launch the "Occidental Reserve” line. It was made by Henke Kelner at the famed Davidoff factory. Determined not to fail with his new strategy, Alan mailed out samples to hundreds of cigar shops. This was followed by making hundreds of calls and visits to the shops for feedback and solicitation. When the dust settled,  three hundred shops picked up the line and Alec Bradley Cigars was back in business.

With the new found success of the Occidental Reserve, Alec Bradley began releasing additional lines of premium cigars including Trilogy, MAXX, and Tempus. In 2011,  Alec Bradley Cigars rose to new heights and international fame when they were named the #1 cigar of the year by Cigar Aficionado Magazine, for their Prensado cigar line. Today based in Dania Beach, Florida the company produces millions of cigars a year and also creates private brands of cigars for other companies.  When asked about the success of Alec Bradley Cigars, Mr. Rubin had this to say, "We live true every day, believe in our products and respect one another."

That is a motto I think we all could live by, whether in our personal lives or as business owners. It's clear that Alec Bradley Cigars truly follows that statement and we all have benefited from and enjoy premium cigars from an outstanding company because of it.

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