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The Ultimate Cigar Clearance Sale!

Today, we're taking a look at a small sampling of cigars that are available from Corona Cigar Company. These are available at closeout prices. With over 500 different products, in the closeout section, it would be impossible to bring you reviews on all of them. Rest assured, the closeout section is full of delicious premium cigars, just like the reviews below. So, grab your favorite cocktail and check out the cigar reviews. When you're done, click the link at the top of the page and be prepared to be amazed! Discounted prices include over 70% Off of selected Boxes and Bundles as well as Buy-One Get-One FREE on singles. These blowout prices are only available at Corona Cigar Co. while supplies last.  Remember, Corona Cigar Co. is your one stop shop for all things cigars!
Discount Cigars
La Gloria Cubana Reserva 
As I inspected this cigar, you can't help but to look at the gorgeous wrapper. It's a Connecticut broadleaf and at first glance it appears to be completely seamless. A further inspection reveals a thin hairline seam. The same can be said for the veining. Very fine and almost non-existent.
As I began to light-up and the flavors start to accumulate, I'm hit with a strong mixture of black pepper and jalapeno. It's not overpowering, but it gets your attention before it settles down to a nice earthy overtone. I'm also getting a citrus and cedar aftertaste on my palette. It's light and is complimentary to the earthy tones.  The ash forming is pure white and remains firmly attached at the inch and a half point.
Produced in the Dominican, you will notice a medium to full-bodied profile. As I start to edge into the halfway point, I'm experiencing stronger peppery tones. They appear to be in the black pepper department with hints of Tia spices. Gentle wasps of fruitiness lurk in the background and are slight but enjoyable when found. As I smoke my way through the midway point of the cigar, the ash finely releases revealing a glowing cherry ember in the center.
The cigar has been a fantastic smoke up to this point. The draw is what you would want and I haven’t had to touch the burn on it yet. The final portion of the La Gloria Cubana Reserve is marked with more earthy tones of wood and bark. The pepper and spice tones mentioned are consistent from start to finish, while strong aromas of cedar are released with every puff. 
My conclusion is: this is a great cigar that I could definitely see myself smoking every day. It has lots of complex flavors and is very consistent and smooth. The MSRP is reasonable, but the closeout pricing that Corona Cigar is offering, makes it a no-brainer.  La Gloria Cubana Reserva Cigars 
La Aurora Barrel Aged
My pre-light inspection of the La Aurora Barrel Aged starts with a gentle aroma of sweetness. It's enticing and I found myself wasting no time in lighting up. The Corojo wrapper is flawless. The seam is virtually non-existent and the wrapper has a semi-oily appearance. I'm smoking the Torpedo size for the review, but the La Aurora Barrel Aged is available in several different sizes.
As I typically light my cigars with matches, I grabbed one and put it to the foot of the cigar. It lit relatively easy and within seconds was producing large voluptuous clouds of smoke. I immediately taste warm toasty notes.  They gradually gave way to exquisite tones of rum with a fruity apricot flavor that stayed in the background. I should note that the Corojo wrapper used is aged extensively in 40 year old rum barrels. The flavor and aroma is exquisite with tones of the wood from the barrel as well.
The construction appears to be of the finest quality. No soft spots were found and the draw is what I would consider to be perfect. I have a three inch white ash on the end and it has yet to show signs of wanting to fall off. At this point, I'm quite impressed with the La Aurora Barrel Aged cigar. The price point is relatively inexpensive and I could smoke this cigar everyday.
I'm beginning to pick up sweet cedar tones as I've now entered the back portion of the cigar. They are intermingled with rum and oak tones from the barrel aging process. As I get closer to the nub, a spicy tone emerges. It's medium flavored and notes of walnuts, cinnamon, and light coffee beans can be found.  My parting thoughts on the La Aurora Barrel Aged cigar is: it's a very consistent and flavorful cigar. While not overly complex, the flavors that are found are excellent. It's well made and the tobaccos used are perfectly aged, releasing aromas and notes that I particularly like. With Corona Cigar offering them at 45% off on the box price, this is another cigar I will look to add to my humidor without hesitation. La Aurora Barrel Aged Cigars

Fonseca Serie F
For all of you who enjoy Fonseca Cigars this particular cigar is more of a medium to full-bodied smoke. It stays true to its Fonseca Cigar roots, but kicks things up a notch. Let's take a look at it a little closer.
The wrapper used is a Connecticut Sungrown. It has a matte like finish to it with almost no visible veins showing. It's quite impressive and beautiful to look at. The cigar itself has a nice earth and cedar aroma and is finished off in the traditional Cuban fashion with a triple cap. Placing the cigar in my mouth, I get a citrus aftertaste. Also, it has a subtle sweetness to it.
Lighting up, I'm treated to a sweet grass tone that is soon followed by pine nuts. They both have nice characteristics to them and remain on the palette for sometime. The first half of the cigar is consistent with toasty overtones and bits of wood. The draw is excellent and large plumes of smoke are found in abundance. At the halfway mark, the cigar begins picking up with notes of pepper and spice entering the fray.
On the back half, you definitely start to get a more full bodied profile that is promised in the billing of the cigar.  Coffee, cinnamon, spice, and undertones of leather are all found. While not overly powerful, they offered enough to please my palette. Fruity notes are also found in the background, but you have to dig a little to find them. The Seir F finishes long with peppery and spice overtone.
This is an excellent cigar for anyone who wants to take that next step up from smoking milder cigars. I would consider this to be between a mild/medium to full-bodied cigar. It has an excellent flavor profile with premium tobacco and a nice smooth smoking characteristic. Fonseca Serie F Cigars

CAO Gold Maduro
Firm to the touch, the CAO Gold Maduro has a dark oily Brazilian wrapper. The appearance of the wrapper glistens against the contrasting gold laden cigar band. I'm smoking the petite corona size for this review and it drips with a heavy earthy aroma. The cigar is touted as being a mild-bodied cigar, so let's check out the flavor profile. 
After toasting the foot. I now have a nice quarter inch ash on the end. The main flavor I've experienced thus far is that of sweet cedar. Very mild, the cigar is producing a large amount of smoke for its size. Hints of cinnamon are also found with intermittent tones of spice. The cigar is burning fast and I have a one inch ash now that has formed on the foot.
Tasty nuisances of espresso have started working there way to the front of the cigar. The draw is slightly tight but remains in the acceptable range. Toasty buttery undertones are found but are fading into non-existence. Notes of green pepper, spice, and dark chocolate all emerge as I smoke my way past the first third and enter the second third. The dark colored ash falls off at the three inch mark, but the burn remains steady continuing on.
I've been remarkably amazed at the mildness of the cigar. I've yet to experience any harsh or remotely full-bodied tones whatsoever. The final third is marked with more espresso, dark chocolate, and toasted cinnamon tones.
If you enjoy mild cigars but want to experience a slight twist to them, the CAO Gold Maduro is a perfect choice. Ever so mild, the maduro adds a nuance of flavors you won't find in your traditional mild cigars. A clever twist by, Tim Ozgener, this is a great smoke and one sure to appeal to both Maduro fans and the mild cigar smoker. CAO Gold Maduro Cigars

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