Monday, August 26, 2013

Tatuaje 10th Anniversary

Pete Johnson is back at it again and celebrates his 10th year in the business with this great looking cigar. The Tatuaje 10th Anniversary uses the traditional Cuban triple cap and has a closed foot. The cigar smells of cedar and earth while a vegetal and floral taste is found on the cigar. He uses an Ecuadorian Habano leaf wrapper that is seamless. Its chocolate brown coloring reveals a slight oiliness to the wrapper giving it a nice patina finish.
As I light up, I'm hit with a smooth nutty flavor. Subtle tones of baking spices and wood are in the background. A sweetness that I can't quite place is also noted and adds nicely to the characteristics of the cigar. The draw is spot on. It offers just enough pull so you don’t feel like you're just sucking on air, but you're not having to overwork either.

The quality of the cigar is nothing short of premium. No soft spots are found, the burn is dead even, and the cigar is smooth. Fragrant cedar laced aromas are found in the dense smoke adding another enjoyable dimension to the cigar. I'm at the halfway marker now; a light citrus tone emerges on the palette along with notes of pine nuts and coffee beans. The peppery tones start to pick up as I get closer to the final third. Right now, there is a nice three inch ash on the cigar that refuses to come off.
The final portion of the cigar is marked with a full-bodied profile. Flavors of black pepper, wood, spices, and notes of cinnamon are predominate. The cigar has remained consistently smooth from start to finish. The flavors intermingle with great complexity offering nice changes throughout. This cigar could be enjoyed literally any time of the day. As a mid-morning cigar it would offer you a kick as it's a medium to full-bodied, but very smooth. The same could be said if you chose to smoke it as an after lunch cigar. It would pair nicely with an after dinner cocktail.

Tatuaje 10th Anniversary Cigars

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