Friday, July 19, 2013

Gran Habano Corojo #5

If you're looking for a cigar this summer, The Gran Habano Corojo #5 just might be what you're looking for. Available at an amazing value, the Gran Habano Corojo #5 is sure to please. The cigar has been around for a while, so I'm sure many of you have had the chance to smoke it. For those of you who have not, let's take a look and see what we find.

The appearance is that of a much more expensive cigar. The wrapper is a dark Nicaraguan Corojo with some veining and a virtually undetectable seam. The binder is Costa Rican. The filler is made up of a blend from  Costa Rica and Nicaragua. The whole cigar is capped off with a triple cap and the unmistakable Gran Habano cigar band. The secondary band is much simpler with a red and gold theme noting the cigar line, Corojo #5.

Taking a sip of water to clear my palette, I dove right in. You will get a strong cedar tone right off the bat. It's clear and precise, but not overpowering with flavor. I notice faint hints of black pepper in the background, but nothing that really materializes at this point. I have about an inch of ash on the cigar now and I'm left with a bit of dryness in the mouth.

Up to this point, the cigar has been producing large plumes of smoke. The ash is white and flaky, but still holding on at the two inch point. Notes of a nutty nature start emerging reminding me of pine nuts. I'm also picking up a sweetness that I can't quite place. At the halfway point, the cigar has remained remarkably smooth and consistent, then starts to offer some creamy undertones adding to the experience.

Entering the back half, spices start appearing. They are medium bodied in nature, pleasant and it's a nice change up to the cigar. The cigar picks up with a more medium-full bodied profile on the second half, but never becomes overly strong. You will find cinnamon, toasted almonds, and nutmeg on the last several inches. The draw has been excellent and above average.

Overall, this is a great cigar for the price. I would definitely consider this cigar for any of your outdoor outings, whether it's golf, a BBQ, or just relaxing by the pool with family and friends. You'll be glad you picked up this one.

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  1. I smoke the Gran Habano corojo #5 Triumph often. It's a favorite. But I find the flavor profile to be unusual if not unique--and can take some getting used to. Despite the flavor accents mentioned in this review, what I taste almost overwhelmingly, you might characterize as "earthy"--but I'm inclined to say "dirt." I know that sounds terrible, but it isn't. I have smoked well over 100 of these cigars, and remain very dedicated to them. I agree with all the good things said about them above. JD.