Monday, July 15, 2013

Diamond Crown Cigars Then and Now

In an industry riddled with fly-by night cigar companies, it's exceptional to find a cigar company that not only has been around for an extended period of time, but has risen to the top. Diamond Crown Cigars has done exactly that and is a premier luxury cigar brand. Originally, created back in the 1940's Diamond Crown Cigars was started in Cleveland, Ohio and then eventually moved to Tampa, Florida. At that time, the brand was using Cuban tobaccos and creating exceptional cigars. Although, sometime in the 1960's the brand had died out, mostly due to the Cuban embargo put in place by then President John F. Kennedy.

 In the early 1990's, Standford Newman of J.C. Newman Cigar Co. approached Carlos Fuente Sr. about creating a super premium cigar to commemorate the upcoming Newman Cigar Companies 100th Anniversary. Diamond Crown Cigars was reborn! Standford Newman took his entire fifty years of cigar knowledge and put it into the Diamond Crown brand. His goal was to create a masterful, smooth full-bodied cigar. Cost was not a factor and his end goal was a rich, smooth, and the most consistent luxury cigar on the market. To accomplish this, Sandford knew he would need to create a cigar that was a larger ring gauge.  His vision was to blend six or more tobacco leafs to create the maximum amount of flavor that he desired, while keeping with a smooth cigar profile. In addition, he wanted to use a super premium wrapper to encase his special blends of tobacco used in the binder and filler. The result was a lovely one of a kind Rosado leaf wrapper that is double fermented for five years.

 Fast forward to today, the Diamond Crown cigar brand is considered one of the top premier luxury cigar brands on the market. While keeping with its roots, Diamond Crown has expanded far beyond its cigar lines and into the cigar lifestyle realm. Not only do they have a plethora of cigar lines, but they offer luxury world class Diamond Crown cigar lounges. One of the nicest is the Corona Cigar Co. Diamond Crown Lounge located at 127 South Orange Avenue Orlando, FL. In addition, they have full lines of ashtrays, luxurious cigar humidors, humidification devices, hygrometers, and a premium collection of leather cigar cases. What started out as a vision twenty plus years ago to re-launch the Diamond Crown Cigar brand has turned into a luxury lifestyle cigar brand. With Diamond Crown lounges all across the U.S and a brand recognizable by all cigar lovers of every level, the Diamond Crown brand is truly at the top of the premium cigar world.

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