Friday, June 7, 2013

Van 22 Review

Van 22 Cigars
The Van 22 is a delectable looking cigar. Created by Corona Cigar Co. it's a premium cigar in the truest sense. The cigar itself is clean and straightforward. A Ecuadorian Habano wrapper encases the 6x52 Toro that I have chosen to smoke for this review. It has a silky smooth looking wrapper that is semi-oily offering only slight veining and a regal look. The price point is 9 dollars and right inline for a quality premium cigar of this magnitude.

The binder is Dominican and both Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers are used in the blend. The cigar band is an edgy mixture of gold, silver, white, and black lettering. Examining the cigar, I found it giving off a chocolate and spice aroma. It was a pleasant surprise and intrigued my senses beyond what they already were. Upon lighting up, I was greeted with a strong black pepper taste that was heavy on the palette. An inch into the smoke and it mellowed out slightly offering a sweet fruit undertone and light spices.
Van 22 Cigars

A full third of the way in now and dry spices remains on the palette. The aroma from the cigar is exquisite resembling cinnamon and cocoa. The draw is light and airy helping to maintain the even burn you will find on the cigar. At the halfway point, I found a walnut flavor that started culminating on my palette. It was pleasant and offered a nice contrast while enjoying the cinnamon and cocoa aroma.

At the two thirds mark, I noticed that the fruit picked up slightly but remained in the background. The nutty features remained consistent and consisted of cashew, walnut, and almonds. Notes of earthiness are also featured. An occasional bitter note is found, but it's slight and disappears quickly being replaced by a creamy spice aftertaste.

The final third is marked by hints of coffee, spices, and citrus in the background. At this point, it also moves from being primarily a medium bodied cigar to bordering on full. The ash is white and flaky offering large plumes of smoke. Overall, a very well constructed cigar that offers a powerhouse flavor profile. A reliable burn and draw with no dead-spots make this a must smoke cigar on my list. I will definitely be adding this to my after lunch cigar lineup for sometime to come.

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