Friday, June 21, 2013

Partagas Cigars- Benji Master

Among the most recognizable and famous brands in the world, Partagas Cigars, is a must have cigar in any humidor. With a history going back 160 years, it's safe to say they know a thing or two about cigars. Originally produced and founded in Cuba in 1845, Jamie Partagas sailed from Spain to Cuba to start his venture. Many years later, one of the owners, Ramon Cifuentes fled the little island of Cuba after Fidel Castros' takeover. After seventeen long years, Ramon succeeded in recreating his brand again, but now in the Dominican Republic.

Let’s review one of Partagas’ latest creations.

Benji Master-6x54

You'll get a distinct coffee taste off the first few puffs. I also noticed a nutty tone in the background. The Cameroon wrapper is in the flawless category. It has a slight oily finish and has only a few veins showing. They are minimal and do not detract from the cigar.

The first third is marked with a mouth watering line-up of flavors. Dried apricots, cream, and spices make up the main flavor profile. However, you can find notes of pepper and almonds lurking in the background. The draw has been superb. The smoke is releasing a fantastic dry spice aroma that is pleasant and alluring to the senses.

In the second third, expect more of the same. The cigar has been remarkably consistent. You may find more notes in the nutmeg or cinnamon category. They add a bit to the cigar and are quite enjoyable. The burn has been spot on. It's actually been so good that I just noticed that I have had no problem with it. The burn line is crisp and dead even.

In the final third, the spices pick up and I noticed hints of chocolate. A richer peppery tone also picks up and kicks things up a notch. Notes of cream remain and I tasted a bit of earth on the palette. Everything about this cigar screams consistency and excellent flavor profile. From start to finish, this has been one of the most complete cigars that I have smoked in a while. The construction is fantastic. The cigar gives slightly to your fingers and as I mentioned, the draw is second to none.

I would recommend this cigar without even hesitating. I personally plan on buying a box of these to have in my humidor. And no, I don’t plan on sharing them. They're that good!

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