Monday, June 3, 2013

La Flor Dominicana Limited Edition Cigars

Rarely, does one remember the exact place they are when they smoke a new cigar for the first time; especially, fourteen years later. For me, I'll always remember the first time I lit up a LFD. It was 1999, I made my usual routine stop by the cigar shop, to pick up some cigars for the weekend. As I strolled through the humidor, my eye was caught by a new cigar brand the shop just started to carry, the La Flor Dominincana.

I quickly grabbed a few and was on my way. Later that weekend, I sat down to relax in my office and smoke. Reaching in, I found the cigars I purchased just several days earlier and immediately began to get excited. Yes, I admit it. I do get excited when I get to try a new cigar that I've never smoked before. Sometimes, it's a disappointment, but sometimes, like was the case that weekend, you find a cigar brand you will smoke for the rest of your life.

There is much to be said about Litto Gomez owner of LFD.  He is a true innovator and master at blending. He rose from humble beginnings working as a dishwasher among a barrage of other jobs. He worked his way to the top and is a true testament of how hard work can pay off.  Today, he is master at what he does best, blending cigars. You won't find one of his cigar lines that isn’t different from the other. They run the gamete from mild to double ligero lines that are fully bodied and strong.

Today, we are taking a look at three different lines. The LFD Factory Press IV, the Habano Corona, and Double Ligero; all available here at Corona Cigar Co.


A large luminous cigar that weighs in with a whopping 6.5” x 60 ring gauge. The box press in some aspects makes the cigar look larger then it is. It's wrapped in a beautiful Mexican wrapper that is flawless to the naked eye. The binder and filler are made up of Ecuadorian and Dominican tobaccos.

After I toasted the foot, I found burnt hay and raisin notes. The draw was loose, offering the pull you want in a cigar, without it being too loose or overly hard to draw air through.

The first third, you will find light peppery notes with hints of chocolate. The burn thus far is impeccable. The second third, you will have a flaky white ash that tends to fall off. The raisin and peppery tones remain along with a spicy and cedar aftertaste. If you're not used to smoking box pressed cigars, it may feel awkward, especially given the large ring gauge. Outside of that, it's been a superb smoke thus far.

The final third, large amounts of white smoke bellow out of the large 60 ring gauge cigar, as you can imagine. The flavor profile remains pretty consistent with the raisin, chocolate, pepper, and cedar tones. The pepper profile kicks up a notch on the back half. Offering a stronger medium body tone compared to the first two thirds. A well constructed cigar as I had no issue with the burn or draw whatsoever. I would definitely classify this as a medium body cigar and I personally could smoke this anytime of the day. 


A strong vegetable and green pepper tone emerge immediately.  It hits you right on the tip of your tongue, from the very first draw. A quality cigar that’s packed tightly, but has a good draw and stays consistent. I'm smoking the corona 5-5/8” x 46 size. With a price point of 8 dollars you really can't go wrong.

The Habano Corona is everything you would expect from a cigar made by Litto Gomez.

A third of the way in, I’m beginning to get more of a black pepper tone. The spice aspects are starting to culminate as well. The earthy tones mentioned earlier remain in the background throughout the smoke. To the halfway point, I'm impressed with this cigar. Although, I should have expected nothing less considering it's pedigree.

The back half is just as reliable as the first half and the flavor profile is kicked up a notch. Large amounts of smoke, smooth flavors that include nuts, spices, and dry grass. A medium bodied cigar in nature. It's pleasant and works well as an after lunch smoke. 


A dark rich looking maduro wrapper that is oily in nature wraps the 6 7/8”x 49 cigar. A pre-light inspection finds an earthy aroma that is pleasant and beckons me not to waste anymore time lighting up. Minimal veining with several minute bumps that appear on the surface subtract very little from the appearance. As I began my smoking journey into the cigar, I was blown away by a dark heavy coffee bean flavor that was heavy on the palette. This you will notice as you toast the foot of the cigar and begin smoking.

A little farther in, tones of black pepper and spice are quite evident. A thick heavy aftertaste lingers on the palette at this point, reminding me of earth and green pepper. As I always like to do at some point during the review, I set the cigar down to test whether or not it will stay lit for any length of time. At about one third of the way in, I let the cigar rest for five minutes. I was pleased to see that it stayed lit and with a few puffs it was bellowing out white clouds of smoke.

At about the halfway point, I noticed slight hints of fruit that I couldn’t exactly place. This did not last very long and vanished rather quickly. The cigar to this point has been superb noting no flaws in the burn or draw. The flavors have been rich and enticing. The cigar has moments that break from the full bodied mold and revert to more of a medium body cigar. They don’t last long and the full bodied flavors quickly return.

For the last half, the flavor profile gets stronger with the dark rich and heavy peppery tones in the forefront, along with coffee beans. Notes of mushroom and greens are also found along with a raw onion. If you enjoy full bodied cigars, you will enjoy this beauty. I would give it 9 out of 10 stars.  

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