Tuesday, February 19, 2013

CLE Cuarenta

Christian Eiroa's CLE Cuarenta is a classically rolled cigar from Honduras. The name Cuarenta means 40 in Spanish, as the cigar was released on Christian's 40th birthday, July 5th of last year. The wrapper is a Habano seed, but little else is known about the binder and filler. At the $5 price point it's hard to imagine it is a vintage cigar, as the date on the band is the roll date, not the harvest date of the tobacco. It seems as though CLE has pulled this off.

The Cuarenta is a mild-medium bodied cigar that builds to a solid medium at the halfway point. The initial flavor was that of wood, almost a cedar flavor, with a hint of spice. These flavors subsided and were replaced with a light cocoa flavor that still had some spice when rolled.

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