Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Corona Cigar Co's Malt of the Month

Here at Corona Cigar Co we love our feature Malts. Every month we run specials on fantastic single malts, giving you the option of trying a new scotch! What could make this better you ask? There's savings on every Malt of the Month! This month we are featuring three Glenlivets. The 18:  A single malt that’s a light bronze color. With a nice medium body texture comes a slightly nutty taste, with hints of caramel.  Perfect for beginners, and widely known to seasoned connoisseurs. This scotch finishes very smooth, and would pair perfectly with a Davidoff Millenium blend. The 21:  This is a caramel colored single malt that's scent leaves the palate wanting more.  The scotch starts full bodied, but fades quickly.  A sweet flavor reminiscent of apples is present mixed with a potent peat back note.  The malt is definitely sweet, but not overbearing. Pick up a Davidoff Maduro with this scotch and let the good times commence. The 25:  Dark bronze in color lends one to expect some earthy tones to the scotch.  Notes of cedar are immediately tasted, lending a woody yet sweet taste to this single malt.  Superbly smooth and satisfying, this malt pairs perfectly with a Davidoff Puro D’oro.

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