Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Diamond Crowns - A Taste for Every Palate

Diamond Crown Classic:  A gorgeous Connecticut shade wrapper envelops Dominican binder and filler on this cigar.  The classic Diamond Crown is a mild cigar which still touts a robust flavor profile.  The natural cigar has a creamy texture to the smoke, which enhances the smoothness of the cigar.  There is a little bit of spice, with earth undertones.  The classic is definitely a top of the line cigar, that is great for new comers to cigars or to those looking for a step down strength wise.  The Macallan 12 is a great addition to this cigar, the slight cinnamon from the Macallan adds well to the earth and spice from the Diamond Crown.

Diamond Crown Julius Caesar:  Featuring a Cuban-seed Ecuadorian wrapper and a mixture of Central American tobaccos in the filler and binder.  This cigar is medium bodied and offers a complex blend of flavors, including leather, a sweet hint of cedar, and a light floral on rolling through your nose.  This cigar is perfect for any smoker of mild or medium cigars who enjoys a bit of complexity behind a well constructed cigar, add a round of Macallan 21 to compliment the sweet and floral notes, and you have yourself a great pair!

Diamond Crown Maximus:  The Maximus boasts an Ecuadorian Sungrown wrapper with Dominican filler and binder.  Strength wise the Maximus is a full bodied cigar.  The flavor notes offer hints of spice, dark chocolate, and nut.  The spice and chocolate stay throughout the entire cigar, especially through the roll, while the nut comes to the palate less often.  The Maximus is perfect to pair with a glass of scotch, in particular Macallan 18, as the nuts and spice in the cigar match the same flavors in the Macallan.

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