Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My UZI Weighs a Ton

The excerpt from the back of the bundle -

The UZI story began on the very first final consumer blending session at the Joya de Nicaragua factory in late 2010 during a Cigar Safari tour with the B.O.T.L. group. After conducting blending sessions for the previous 3 years at the Drew Estate factory we were amped up to extend the concept to Joya de Nicaragua. I worked with the Joya de Nicaragua team utilizing Drew Estate tobaccos, including a San Andreas Negro wrapper, Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade Binder and hearty Brazilian Mata Fina Filler, coupled with Nicaraguan fillers provided by Joya de Nicaragua. The blend proved to be rich and earthy, with a bright, sweet undertone. As months of blending passed, I felt this blend was most noble in the 6x60 format and began calling this cigar "The Uzi." We all had a good laugh at the name, but when I went back to their factory to pick up the round of 50 sticks, I said, "Damn, My UZI's Weighs a Ton!" - and the brand was officially born.

I smoked my first MUWAT back before the 2011 Tradeshow, Jonathan Drew sent us some prerelease smokes and I instantly fell in love with the flavor. Let me describe the MUWAT in 3 words: Big, Bold & Flavorful. I can't tell you how much I enjoy smoking this cigar. One of my favorite flavors in cigars is those earthy tones; that is why I prefer the Liga Privada No. 9 over the T52. The MUWAT is available in 3 sizes: 5x50, 6x60 and 7x60. These cigars burn slow and even - I smoked the 7x60 earlier today and it racked up a 2 1/2 hour burn time! These cigars won't be as limited as the Liga Privada so you will have a chance to enjoy these cigars. Stop by 1 of our 3 locations and fire up a MUWAT!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Davidoff Belicoso Supremo White Edition 2011

I think Davidoff makes amazing cigars. The quality of tobacco and level of craftmanship is always outstanding. I really enjoy Davidoff's fuller bodied cigars such as the new Puro d'Oro and I especially like the Davidoff Seleccion 702 Limited Edition 2009. Both of these cigars have more of the deeper, richer flavors that I look for in a cigar and the newest Limited Edition from Davidoff has just those qualities.

The Davidoff Belicoso Supremo White Edition 2011 is medium to full-bodied with notes of coffee and leather, but the best aspect of the cigar is the amazing spice rack notes that are tasted when retro-nasally exhaled. The cigar hits every part of the tongue making it a well balanced mouth watering experience. I would have to say this cigar ties the Seleccion 702 for my favorite Davidoff cigar. Both cigars are an amazing experience.

To buy Davidoff Belicoso Supremo <---Click Here.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Undercrown by Drew Estate

The long awaited, much anticipated Undercrown is finally here making it a fantastic smoking week at Corona Cigar Co.

The story behind the Undercrown is very interesting. The cigar rollers were smoking too many of the Liga Privada T52's, and who can blame them. This was restricting production, so the rollers were allowed to create cigars for personal consumption from the leaves of the plant the T52 comes from, but are not used in the T52. What the rollers created was something quite impressive and with a few tweaks from Jonathan, Steve, and Marvin the Undercrown was born.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect from the Undercrown. It uses different leaves than the T52 and I was expecting something medium bodied and not quite as good as a T52. I was wrong on both counts. The Undercrown is full bodied (awesome) and every bit as good, if not different, than the T52. The cigar is creamy with a very subtle spice and earthy, and just about the most delicious thing I have had all year. The Undercrown is my new favorite cigar.

Call Corona Cigar Co. at 1-888-70-CIGAR for availability.

Monday, October 3, 2011

My Father Le Bijou Box Press Torpedo

I am a huge fan of the My Father and My Father Le Bijou lines as are many cigar smokers. In fact many of the dedicated My Father smokers were requesting a box press cigar from Pepin. The Garcia's obliged by creating their first ever box pressed cigar, The Le Bijou Box Press Torpedo.

The cigar was released soon after IPCPR this year using the same blend as the Le Bijou line, Nicaraguan Habano Oscuro, with Nicaraguan binder and filler, however, I swear this cigar is stronger. Maybe it's my palate right now. This is a full bodied cigar with deep flavors of earth just like the non box pressed Le Bijou but it has a lot more nasal spice when it is retrohaled. Whatever the reason for its extra bit of strength, I'm loving it.

The My Father Le Bijou Box Press Torpedo is another excellent offering from the Garcia's factory. Call Corona Cigar Co. for availability 1-888-70-CIGAR.