Thursday, August 18, 2011

Illusione MJ12

Corona Cigar Co. received an Illusione shipment last week chock full of MKULTRA's and new Illusione maduros as well as my favorite Illusione cigar, the MJ12. The ULTRA is fantastic and I can't wait for the other sizes that will be released. However, I have been smoking a lot of the MJ12 because it is just so good.

MJ12 references Majestic 12 which conspiracy theorists say are a group of individuals in the government formed to investigate and cover up the Roswell space ship crash in 1947. The cigar is wrapped in foil to replicate a spaceship hull and shows what a great sense of humor Dion has.

The cigar itself is amazing. Medium to full bodied with overtones of coffee and leather. There is an undertone of cream that mixes nicely with the coffee flavors, it reminds me of a latte, a perfect mixture of strong espresso and cream. The MJ12 is a fantastic cigar not to be missed. Call 1-888-70-CIGAR for availability.

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