Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fausto: This Cigar Really Does Go to 11

The advertisement for Fausto shows an amplifier dial going past the normal 10 to 11. My first thought when seeing this ad was the opening scene of Back to the Future when Michael J. Fox blows out the amplifier by cranking it up all the way. The Fausto blew me away just as the amp did to Michael J.

I was highly anticipating the Fausto as I heard it was the T110 blend. I never got a chance to smoke a T110, but what I can say is the Fausto is probably the best cigar Pete has produced to date. And I loved, LOVED, the OR 2003 Cojonu so that is saying a lot. It is a very strong cigar but never sacrifices strength for flavor. Full bodied and very spicy on the retro-hale, the Fausto's predominate flavors are coffee and cedar with a subtle sweetness and undertones of dark chocolate.

A brief summation of the Fausto: Pure Awesomeness. Buy yours today at CoronaCigar.

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