Monday, June 13, 2011

EP Carrillo Short Run 2011: Smokers, Fill Your Lighters and Sharpen Your Cutters

Oh happy day! Today the EP Carrillo 2011 Short Run has arrived at Corona Cigar Co. No need to say I have been smoking myself silly on these. This is yet another release from Ernesto that is proving that he is one of the best cigar makers producing today.

The EP Carrillo Short Run 2011 is a full bodied smoke with a medium strength. It starts out very full in strength but mellows to medium as it is smoked. The full bodied flavors last throughout. The blend is Nicaraguan Dominican tobaccos with an Ecuadorian wrapper. Flavors of dry spice, rich wood and coffee abound with a subtle sweetness I love in full bodied cigars. The sweetness just seems to be a perfect counterpart to the spice.

The EP Carrillo Short Run 2011 is a limited production run, so I would recommend you get yours today . . . before I have free reign to really start smoking. Call Corona Cigar Co. at 1-888-702-4427.

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