Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Zino Platinum Z Class: A High End Luxury Smoke at a Moderate Price

I know I have said it before, but I love new cigar arrival day at Corona Cigar Co. Today we received our shipment of Zino Platinum Z Class. I have been awaiting this cigar for a few weeks now as it has been touted as being medium to full bodied. Since I smoke predominately in the medium to full bodied category I like to see if cigar makers actually make good on their claims of full bodied status. The Zino Platinum Z Class definitely delivers.

The Z Class is not a strong cigar but it is most certainly full bodied. It has loads of flavor and a very nice nose spice when retro nasally exhaled. Each size is supposed to have a slightly unique profile. So far I have smoked a 550 R (robusto) and am currently smoking a 654T (toro). To be honest the only difference I have made out is the robusto seemed to be slightly stronger. Both have really delivered on taste and at $8 to $12 a cigar I will definitely be smoking more of these.

These are currently available only as pre-release at select Davidoff retailers, so look for these online at or call 1-888-70- CIGAR.

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