Sunday, March 13, 2011

Xikar Ash Can

So this past week I headed down to South Florida to visit friends and family. The one thing that helps me get through driving 3 hours on the turnpike is smoking a cigar. I love smoking in my car and if I have at least an hour drive you know for sure I will spark up a cigar and enjoy the ride. The only issues that came up happened if I had to put the cigar down to do something. I was actually using a Zino Platinum Scepter Can to ash into.

So in our latest Xikar order, we received a new product that we were chosen as a test market for, The Xikar Ash Can. It's about as big as a Campbell's soup can with a screw down lid. Inside there is a thick wire molded into a circle on one end and the other creating a spring each able to hold up to 56 ring gauge in place at different smoking lengths. At the bottom of the can there is a grate for ash to fall through.

Sits perfectly in a cup holder and even tested it my friend's car when we drove from Boca Raton to Coral Gables. No muss no fuss, when your done smoking drop the cigar butt into the can and screw down the lid.The seal is tight keeping the old musty cigar smell from spreading throughout the car. Doesn't feel cheap it and I'm surprised by the results. This is a great buy for the Cigar Smoking Road Warrior, so head on over to or call us to get your hands on the Xikar Ash Can.

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