Thursday, March 17, 2011

Green with envy...

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!

So we drink green beer, Guinness or fine Irish Whiskey like Jameson why not enjoy a Candela "green" cigar and avoid an uncomfortable pinch today. So I decided to light up one of our newest additions to Corona Cigar Co., The Illusione 888 Candela.

Dion Giolito, Owner of Illusione Cigars, wanted to revitalize the image of Candela cigars. He created 3 limited editions cigars featuring the paisley green leaf: hl, 88, and 888. The cigar brings back memories of my childhood when my grandfather would smoke cigars outside on the back porch. So not only is this paying homage to St. Patrick's Day but paying my respects to my grandfather and his love for a fine cigar.

The Illusione 888 Candela has an earthy profile of flavor with slight nuances of grass and pepper. Flavors are consistent throughout the cigar, yet the cigar spikes in intensity about the midway point. Sometimes a slight creamy note becomes ever present while smoking but it doesn't stay around for long. The flavors of a Candela are a welcomed change from the norm of cigars in the present day. The other Candela I enjoy is our own Corona Cigar Co. 10th Anniversary Candela which brings more pepper to the smoke and less grassy notes with a slightly sweetened cap.

Feel free to give us a call or visit our website,, and get your hands on some St. Patrick's Day smokes. Keep posted by checking our blog for what's up in smoke at Corona or follow me on twitter @CoronaCigarAlex.

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