Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ Maduro

Corona Cigar Co. will be hosting Jose Pepin Garcia this weekend and I decided to pick up an old favorite that I had forgotten about, the Don Pepin Series JJ. I went over to the shelf to pick one out and noticed that the maduros were looking especially oily and delicious. I made my selection. It was the oiliest, stinkiest cigar of the bunch. Pre-light draw was fantastic and lighting it up, first puff, I knew this cigar was going to be amazing.

The Don Pepin Series JJ Maduro was full-bodied, medium to full in strength, and amazing on every puff. The smoke is thick and earthy and has sweetness on the tongue and spiciness through the nose, a wonderful combination in a maduro cigar. Flavors of coffee and cocoa abound with nice earthiness. The Series JJ has, like most maduros, those deep, rich earth tones. A very well made, excellent cigar. Come by the event on Saturday March 26th from 12-8 and meet Don Pepin himself or if you are an online customer pick up a box; these are not to be missed.

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