Thursday, September 9, 2010

Have a drink...

Finding the right drink compliment for cigars is as much a daunting task as selecting the perfect cigar. Your choice in beverage can greatly enhance your cigar smoking experience and guide you into relaxation. Your beverage choice isn’t limited to the alcoholic varietal; coffee, soda and tea are equally wonderful compliments to cigars. I’ll briefly touch on beverages that could greatly enhance your cigar experience.

Port wine is a wonderful spirit that melds with entire cigar spectrum. Port is produced from grapes grown and processed in the demarcated Douro region of Portugal. Port begins as wine, it is then fortified by adding aguardente, a neutral grape spirit, to halt the fermentation process; it leaves behind residual sugars and boosts the alcohol content. Some of my favorite port wines are Sandeman and Smith Woodhouse, both offer sweet, yet spicy flavor profiles.

Rum, whisky, and cognac pair very well with cigars. Each spirit delves into different flavor profiles that might bring out flavors you might not normally experience. A good rule of thumb to follow with these spirits is to pair with opposing flavors. For example, if you’re smoking a bold, spicy cigar it would pair well with a straight rum or fine cognac. If you’re smoking a mild cigar, pair it up with a spiced rum or whisky.

Drink choices are not limited to the alcoholic variety, coffee, tea, sodas and water pair surprisingly well with cigars. Our Corona Cigar Co. coffee is a low caffeine Nicaraguan blend that is mild and flavorful. Teas are refreshing cold drink alternatives and have many varieties that you can easily find one that will pair well with your cigar. Cola based sodas are more suited for cigars, but don’t count out there’s a cigar for even the fruit based varietal. Much can be said for water paired with cigars, but try some sparkling water with your cigar; it’s a pleasant combo that marries well with cigars.

I’ve only touched base on some of the possible pairings with cigars. Don’t be hesitant; variety is the spice of life. Share your pairings in the comments and let us know about your experiences.

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