Friday, April 23, 2010

Have you ever . . ?

Have you ever smoked a cigar you love and it tasted "off" or bad? Sometimes it's not the cigar, it's the palate.

PH is a measure of acidity and alkalinity on a scale where 7 is neutral. The scale runs 0-14; anything below seven is considered acidic and anything above 7 is alkaline. The mouth's natural pH level is 7. However, a few factors throughout the day can change the pH balance of your palate. The three major influences on the pH level of your mouth are the environment you are in, the food you eat, and the liquid you drink. The pH level of your mouth will affect the way a cigar tastes and how its nuances are perceived.

A cigar falls into the alkaline section of the pH scale, so when a cigar isn't tasting right, or it is a multiple cigar night, you can reset your palate by drinking water, milk, or eating a piece of bread. The palate can be restored to neutrality fairly quickly, but it sometimes needs a stronger push. This can be accomplished by eating or drinking something acidic, (a lime or coffee), and then drinking water or eating bread. This will push the palate into an acidic state and then return it to neutral.

The next time a cigar isn't tasting quite right, try a palate cleanse and see if that restores the cigar to its full potential.

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