Thursday, March 11, 2010

Avo LE10

Each year Avo Uvezian blends and releases an exclusive cigar made in celebration of his birthday. And every year I anticipate the newest blend of the Avo Limited Editions.

This year I am extremely excited about the Avo LE10. It is reminiscent of the Avo LE05, my favorite of all the LE's.

It takes me back to the night I first smoked the Avo LE05. I was lucky enough to attend the special birthday dinner held each year at Corona. After an amazing meal, great fellowship and conversation, I lit up the Avo LE05 with the guys I was standing with and after a few minutes of smoking in silence we all looked to each other with the same awed looks and said, "Wow." It's those cigar memories that stick with me. That's what cigars can do; give you an anchor point for memorable evenings.

I see this year's dinner being the same. March 20th. Mark it down if you are interested in having one of the best cigar nights to be had. Bring a friend or loved one and celebrate with one of the most remarkable men in the cigar industry.

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