Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Cigar Celebrations

There is no better way to ring in the New Year than with a cigar, a cocktail and people you enjoy being around.  Last night many people did just that, including me! 

My first cigar of choice were a Diamond Crown Maximus Perfecto that was a special cigar given to me by Eric and Bobby Newman.  They created this shape in honor of their grandfather and they were sold in special Diamond Crown 110th Anniversary humidors that were available a few years ago.  (We still have a few of these cigars available at our downtown Diamond Crown Lounge.)  The cigar was outstanding, packed with flavor and medium in strength.

My second cigar of choice was the new Fuente Fuente Opus X Lost City perfecto.  This cigar is not only rare because Carlito Fuente didn't make many, but extra rare because it was given to me by Keith Park, the owner of Prometheus and God of Fire cigars.  Trying to get a free cigar out of Keith is like trying to get candy from the Grinch.

I must say that the Lost City Opus X was a big surprise because it was not too strong for me.  I loved it!  (By the way, I paired both the Opus and the Maximus cigars with Corona Cigar's famous hand crafted Flor de Cana Mojito...mmmmm)

I ended the night with a desert cigar - a Tabak Especial from Drew Estate.  Go ahead and laugh, but I like the occasional flavored cigar!

I hope you had a happy new year!


Jeff Borysiewicz 

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