Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The cigar of the year goes to The Padron 45th Anniversary Maduro

And the cigar of the year goes to The Padron 45th anniversary Maduro. Actually I'm going to be reviewing both the Padron 45th Maduro and the 44th Natural. Let me start by giving a fond hello to one of my great friends scrappy, " Padron the finest Dominican cigar ever made!" I'm just kidding Padron's are the finest Nicaraguan cigars ever made. Now to the reviews the Padron 44th and 45th are limited family reserve cigars that were made to celebrate the anniversary of the Padron cigar company being in business for 44 and 45 years respectfully.

Let me start with the Padron 44th. This was a great way to start 2010 for it was my New Years cigar. I sat on the back porch at my wonderful in-laws home in New Orleans, LA smoking this amazing cigar. The construction and presentation of this cigar was spectacular as usual. For those of you who know me know that I love Padron cigar almost as much as I enjoy breathing.

The pre-draw on this cigar was very open and the there was a spicy tingle on my tongue.

At first light the burn was perfect and the notes that were released were a sweet spice and a little nutty. The ash was perfectly white. The aroma had hint of a cocoa smell to it. The cigar burned great all the way through. About half way down the cigar started to mellow out and there were a few more notes present such as cocoa and vanilla. I smoked this cigar until there was practically nothing left. I didn't want to put it out. When I was done smoking it I placed it in the ash tray and still enjoyed the aroma that was emitted into the air as the cigar went out.

I recommend purchasing this cigar if you are able to find it. This cigar I've seen from $30 to $50 and it's worth every penny.

Now the Padron 45th family reserve maduro. For those of you who know me know that I said this was going to be the cigar of the year about two months before the list was released. What a well deserved reward for this stunning cigar. My beautiful wife and I both enjoyed this cigar on my birthday. I waited for this cigar to be released for months and when it came out I went to pick up my box while on my way I called everyone to ask them which box I should buy. I came to the conclusion that I should buy the natural because I was afraid my wife wouldn't enjoy the Maduro wow I was wrong. When I arrived at my local establishment I had the Maduro waiting for me I walked through the door as the owner lit my cigar for me without even asking me if I wanted to smoke. Well he knows me very well of course I wanted to smoke that awesome cigar. As I'm checking out he tells me to call my wife and tell he how much I love her. As I did he slid the Maduro box into my bag. Wow was a surprise that was that my wonderful wife bought me a box of the Maduros because she knew I really wanted them both but I would only get one. That was such a thoughtful gift thank you H. Now to the review.

This cigar has a dark oily wrapper with a double band on it. The presentation is phenomenal on all Padrons but on this one they hit it out of the park. The pre-light draw was amazingly open and tasted a bit leathery.

At first light the cigar burnt perfectly. The taste started out with an earthy cocoa flavor. Within the first third, I got notes of cocoa, earth, wood, and sweet spice. Around the middle, the cigar got stronger and there was a more solid earthiness and chocolate. The final third of the cigar got a bit stronger not much stronger, but just enough to balance this wonderful stick.

I highly recommend purchasing this cigar. The price for this cigar can range from $25 to $40.

I hope you enjoy either or both of the rare treats.

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