Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cigar Aficionado Top Cigars of 2009

Well, Cigar Aficionado's Top 10 list of cigars is now complete. I will have to say that in my opinion, this is one of the best (and most expensive) Top 10 lists in quite some time. I actually had a chance to sample the "My Father" cigar yesterday...all I can say is WOW - What a GREAT CIGAR! I have been lucky enough to enjoy all cigars on the list but the Cubans and the #1 Cigar. Due to the price of the #1 rated cigar, I have not had a chance to sample it yet. I'm hoping to enjoy one of those on a special occasion soon!

All-in-all, I am impressed with more of the new cigars that have come out this year with smaller productions. Hopefully, my favorites will make it on the remainder of the Top 25, which is due out tomorrow.

Best and Long Ashes to all!!


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