Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cigar Rights of America Commitment

Here's a letter that was sent to FL State Representatives from a friend of mine. If everyone writes a letter like this to your State Reps on issues affecting the Cigar Industry, what kind of an impact do you think it will have? Let's start 2010 being proactive!

"It is with great consternation that I am writing to all of you to ask that you consider not adding this onerous tax to cigars in the State of Florida. We are already reeling from the SCHIP. By imposing your tax on cigar smokers throughout the State you will be forcing many small business owners out of business at a time when none of them can endure a further burden on their income. At the same time, the state sales tax revenue will diminish even further because many dedicated cigar smokers like myself will cut back drastically or stop smoking cigars altogether. Many of my friends have already stated that this is their intention.Our Nation is in economic shambles as you are all aware, this only adds to the misery. Besides closing many small shops, there will be the snowball effect of putting many employees of these shops in the unemployment line, forcing the shop owners to walk away from their rental agreements on their store spaces, eliminating the stores' need for utilities with their accompanying taxes and fees, and ultimately causing these hard working, dedicated folks to be forced into foreclosure on their homes. Is that what is expected of our great State's Senators? I emphatically ask that you look elsewhere for a fix to Florida's sagging coffers. Please do not hesitate to reply.

A.B. (initials used for confidentiality)
Orlando, FL"

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