Friday, November 27, 2009

Blogs, clogs and pollywogs

So, Corona Cigar has a what?

Well we didn't decide to get into the blog business just to write nonsense and waste your precious time. So we'll do our best to keep you entertained and educated on the latest buzz in the cigar world.

As a matter of fact, we are pretty good at keeping up with the gossip in the cigar industry and have our eyes fixed on the anti-tobacco groups. Fortunately, Corona Cigar has a core group of covert CIA (Cigar Intelligence Agency) agents around the globe that keep us abreast of the movements of the Pleasure Police and do-gooder nannyists that want to strip away your freedom to enjoy a cigar.

In fact, lets get this party started by standing up for your right to smoke a cigar. If you have not joined Cigar Rights of America yet, I encourage you to become a member today. Annual membership starts at just $35 a year and you get two free super premium limited edition CRA cigars just for joining. Sign up now at

But there is more to fighting off the anti-cigar nannyists than just joining the CRA. We all have to go out and meet our elected officials and educate them about cigars and explain how cigars are a time honored tradition where people from all walks of life, bond over one of life's simple and affordable pleasures.

All too often our elected representatives don't know the difference between a premium cigar and a cigarette. To them, tobacco is tobacco and smoking is smoking, no matter if it is a hand rolled premium cigar, pipe or cigarette. Now cigar smokers know there is a big difference between a cigarette and a cigar. It is our job to let them know cigars are different and should not be prohibited by onerous smoking bans, excessive taxes on cigar smokers and excessive government regulations on the family owned cigar manufacturers and thousands of mom & pop cigar shops across this country.

So bookmark this page, check back ofter and follow me on twitter @CoronaCigarCo and


Jeff Borysiewicz

P.S. Be on the lookout for guest blogs from some friends and fans of Corona Cigar Company. If you are interested in posting a blog or guest review of a cigar, send me an email

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