Thursday, April 28, 2016

Gurkha Bundle Deal...FREE Gurkha Travel Tin With Bundle Purchase...Online Only Special!

Gurkha Evil: 

As owner and founder Kaizad Hansotia has been quoted as saying, "this cigar is pure evil". Make no mistakes here folks, it truly is pure evil. One of the top rated cigars in the annual IPCPR convention for strength, quality, and construction, The Gurkha Evil will test your ability to walk and talk after smoking this amazingly bold yet satisfying cigar.

Gurkha Vintage Shaggy:

The Gurkha Vintage Shaggy is truly unique blend recently released by Gurkha. The cigar is a medium bodied blend that exemplifies the time and care taken to blend this smoke. The secret to this cigar is its 8 year old Dominican wrapper combined with 5 year old Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers and binder.

The smoke is smooth and well balanced with notes of leather and coffee and a slight pepper spice, which comes from the Nicaraguan tobacco. The shaggy foot is more than just aesthetics, it allows the cigar to start off with a much more even burn. 

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Online Only Special...FREE Ashtray With ANY Corona Gold Box Purchase...Plus FREE Shipping!

The Corona Gold Series Sun Grown is a super premium cigar that uses an aged blend of Dominican fillers that are tightly held together with a flavorful Dominican Binder. A Habano 2000 wrapper is expertly used and rolled with perfection leaving a nice satin finish on the cigar. A triple cap is applied and completes the look on this fantastic cigar. It's loaded with tasty notes of sweet cedar, black pepper, leather, and spices. Extremely well made, the Corona Gold Series Sun Grown has a vast array of flavors that can be found and is an excellent smoke for anytime of the day. A smooth cool and dead even burn are just some of the excellent characteristics this cigar has. Try them today!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Cigar Bundle Deal...Roly No. 4 Maduro...FREE Shipping On Orders Over $50!


When a Rolando Reyes Sr. inspects his Puros Indios, Cuba Aliados and Reyes Family cigars, any imperfect cigars are pulled aside, classified as seconds and get packaged as Roly cigars.

The imperfections are usually very slight, such as a veiny or discolored wrapper. Most of the time the imperfections are so slight that only a trained eye would notice.

Since no cigar factory intentionally produces seconds, the supply on some sizes is limited. 

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Corona Cigar Co. Exclusivamente Sampler...FREE Shipping!

Introducing the new Corona Cigar Co. Exclusivamente Drew Estate Lounge cigars; all available in one limited edition sampler. The introduction of these six new vitolas from some of Drew Estate’s most popular blends is guaranteed to excite all of our Drew Estate customers, and they can all be yours.

This sampler includes all of the new sizes are all presented in a 6x50 vitola, with three of the sizes featuring a soft press and the three remaining sizes featuring a square box press. Each are as follows:

1 - Tabak Especial Negra Soft Press
1 - Tabak Especial Dulce Soft Press
1 - Natural Soft Press
1- Herrera Esteli Square Box Press
1 - Liga Privada No. 9 Square Box Press
1 - Undercrown Square Box Press

That's six exclusive edition cigars for one low price!

To purchase a full box of these new Drew Estate exclusive sizes, head to our Sand Lake, FL location at 7792 W Sand Lake Rd, Orlando, FL 32819.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Premium Cigar Deal...Up To 35% Off Private Stock Cigars by Davidoff...FREE Shipping!

Private Stock by Davidoff Cigars are made in the Dominican at the Tabacos Dominicanos SA factory. These attractive looking long-filler cigars are factory seconds, but come with all the premium tobacco Davidoff cigars uses in their regular lines. Mainly due to color variations in the wrapper, these cigars are packaged as seconds and sold at an incredible discount. Each cigar comes with an Ecuadorian connecticut seed wrapper and a rich blend of tobacco. Notes of cream, cedar, and bits of pepper are found throughout, making these mellow smokes a perfect choice to smoke anytime of the day.

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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Totally Far Out Deal...Dazed and Infused Sampler Is 50% Off...FREE Shipping On Orders Over $50!

This cigar sampler is like, totally far out man! If you are a fan of Acid Cigars, you will totally fall in love with these. With this sampler you will receive:

2 - Acid Kuba Kuba Maduro - Robusto - 5" x 54
2- Acid Kuba Kuba Sumatra – Robusto - 5" x 54
2- Acid Liquid - Robusto - 5" x 54

That’s six cigars in all for under $25 and for around $4 a stick you’ll have enough for a small drum circle! Act now before this deal runs out!

Take a look at Stogies On The Rock's site for a totally radical review on the Acid Kuba Kuba cigar.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Cohiba Online Only Special...FREE Lighter and Shipping With Any Box Purchase!

Cohiba Cigars are handmade in the Dominican Republic and utilize well-aged Cuban seed long leaf fillers. Cohiba Cigars are a top shelf cigar brand that is manufactured, distributed, and marketed by General Cigar Co. For more then a decade and a half, Cohiba Cigars has been receiving high accolades for their superior cigars. Each cigar is made with not only the finest tobacco, but well rounded flavor profiles that only Cohiba Cigars can produce. Check out the entire line of Cohiba Cigars below including the famous Cohiba Red Dot and the Cohiba Extra Vigoroso.

Cigar Swagger did a fantastic review of the Cohiba "Red Dot" Cigar on their site. Check it out!